Cancer & Cannabis: Chemical Culprits (Part I)

The spider web-like mass found in my right breast the summer of 2012 had me thinking about my mom, the [...]

Shock Troops and Short Seasons

Cannabis growers in central Mendocino County were spooked by rumors of unidentified, military-style, armed men descending from helicopters to destroy gardens [...]

My Bust – Paradise Ridge

My name is John Matthews. I owned 120 acres of Paradise Ridge and Bear Creek valley in the Whitethorn/ Shelter Cove [...]


California Cannabis Voice Humboldt The conversation started in June of 2014 with a group of 35 people, stakeholders in our [...]

Humboldt Heritage Farms

Humboldt Medicine Series  After suffering through a diagnosis of Lupus in 1996 Humboldt Heritage Farms principal, “Jane,” began medicating for [...]

Light Deprivation

Light Deprivation By DJ Hayes | Images by Kym Kemp, Perrl Productions & Victoria Voss  In the grand forum of [...]

Building Your Cannabis Brand

Building Your Cannabis Brand  Matthew Owen Can you name me one Humboldt, Trinity or Mendocino County grower that is asked [...]

Summer Festival Guide

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Gallegos Goes Green

Gallegos Goes Green By Jami Elring | Bob Doran    For 12 years, Paul Gallegos prosecuted people for breaking the [...]