2019 Festival Fashion Trends

Written By: Mica Cruz

Festival season is once again upon us! After you’ve secured your tickets and your ride, it’s time to prepare your outfit. Choosing our apparel for festival weekend is just as exciting for some of us as the festival headliners. While there have been staples, festival wear has gone from all bright neon tutus and kandi bracelets to boho style and fedoras. So, what’re the latest trends in store for us this 2019 festival season? The Emerald Magazine looked at Coachella’s weekend 1, Paris 2019 Spring-Summer Collection and our fave online retail shops for this year’s trends and where you can cop the look.



Looks like the fringe is back! With roots dating back to 3000 BC and reaching a golden age in the 1920s, this look has been in and out of fashion. It looks like festival-goers are bringing them back–on their boots, jackets, bags and bikinis! That’s pretty easy to understand, since this look is super-festive and can highlight all your sick dance moves.  





Florals and Tie-Dye Prints

Floral patterns are here to stay, and the tie-dye pattern is back. Outside of hippie culture, floral and tie-dye prints have received a modern upgrade and are now embraced on high-fashion runways. Tie-dye prints are made by tying cloth with wax strings before dying it with different colors, resulting in patterns that come out different every time. This made the tie-dye pattern a symbol of creativity and individualism in the ’60s and ’70s. This pattern is also a reflection of hope and peace.



Lace and Hand-Crafted Elements

Lace is back as one of this year’s trends. Elegant and edgy, fashion icons are seen sporting this look for festival season. High-fashion brands are contrasting modern cuts with this classic material. Other re-emerging trends are hand-crafted elements like crochet and macramé appliqué, which fit in perfectly with the festival season’s free-spirited atmosphere.



Flower Crowns

Who would’ve thought we’d still see flower crowns this year? Flower crowns took the festival scene by storm back in the early 2010s, but we’re seeing a new pattern this year: guys wearing flower crowns! Whether it’s a sarcastic statement or it’s really time for dudes to shine in flower crowns, we’re not sure, but we’re definitely digging what we see.



A staple at festival grounds, this look is showing no signs of slowing down. Pair with a bralette for a daring look without feeling too exposed. This edgy look is so comfortable, you can dance in them for hours. No wonder it’s a go-to look for festival goers! 





Bedazzled Everything

When in doubt, bedazzle! From your acid-washed denim cut-offs to your face or your beard (if you have one), if you have no other concrete plans for your festival season outfit, bedazzling is a quick solution to turning any outfit festival-ready. If you wanna go a little bit risqué, bedazzled pasties are big right now, too.





Back in the ’90s, the hologram craze swept over the nation. We’re seeing glimpses of it again with the return of holographic elements on the fashion runways. A staple of raves back in the ’90s, the rainbow iridescent swirls of holographic elements have found their way back to the festivals in 2019. If metallics aren’t cutting it for you anymore, holographics bring another level of shine to the party.



We’re seeing a lot of yellow, and we’re loving it! This fun, warm hue is the perfect color to wear to a music festival this summer season. Designers gave us a wide array of shades on 2019’s spring/summer runways, and we’re digging mustard and lemon yellow. 




Lastly, hats are back in style, perfect for staying cool and looking cool under the heat of the sun. Boots and sneakers are still winning over sandals and heels, too, which makes more sense because if you’re standing, walking and dancing the whole day, your feet had better be in something comfortable. Whatever look you decide to go with, the things we must remember are to dress comfortably, stay cool and stay hydrated. Don’t forget to have fun, and don’t be afraid to be the most extreme fun version of yourself–festival season is the perfect opportunity to wear whatever you want without judgment. Express yourself through fashion or even costumes that you won’t wear anywhere else–one of the most beautiful things about festival fashion. 

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