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Dennis Peron @ Emerald Cup'17 --7358 8x10

Remembering the Life of Dennis Peron

The Emerald Magazine had the opportunity to learn more about Dennis by speaking with two of his dear friends. Behind the larger-than-life figure was a friend and mentor who touched the lives of many people in the cannabis industry. Laura Costa and Cara Cordoni share their stories of friendship with Dennis.


Cannabis Science Watch

Safety and Effectiveness of a CBD Supplement in Dogs with Osteoarthritis by Christine H of Help for Fido Despite their lack of psychoactive effect, strict limits have been imposed on federal funding of, and subsequent research in, virtually all aspects of cannabidiol (CBD) compounds because of their classification as Schedule 1 drugs. Most information on […]


Humboldt Brothers’ New Coppola Collab

Celebrate Normalization  By Danielle Guercio The Grower’s Series is an example of what the luxury cannabis niche could look like in the years to come. When a trend starts to rise, you can feel it in the air. In this first wave of legality, we’re seeing projects that will win over more hearts and minds […]

David Crosby Oct 2018

Crosby Aims for a Joint Venture

Among a few other things, David Crosby knows cannabis. And he knows everyone. And everyone knows, and remembers, his name. He knew what time it was, back when 420 was still just a triad of digits, and before “4 + 20” was the eighth track on Déjà Vu. Soon, he hopes, the man who inspired […]

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