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Infuse Magical Butter’s New Ghee With Anything You Like

If you’ve eaten Indian food, even a dessert, there is a high chance that you have eaten ghee— a clarified butter product that has a slightly fermented, almost nutty quality. Though it’s made from cow’s milk initially, it doesn’t taste much like OG butter, and that’s what makes it so special in foods. Ghee is […]


Best Vape Ever: Sherbinskis Gello Gelato

Aside from the intense pleasure of seeing bright orange vape pens in general, Sherbinskis, known for premium flower and fashion forward collabs, is making incredible product. From first puff, their Gello Gelato is among the tastiest and cleanest products we’ve tried in 2019. There’s none of that burning sensation that some vapes cause, and when […]


Casa Destroi Is Killing It With These Vegan CBD Golden Beet Ravioli

Cannabis infused or not, Casa Destroi from Adalante Hospitality Group is an extremely eye catching food feed. Sometimes you can find the chef behind the account adding cannabinoids to dishes, oftentimes the dishes aren’t infused, but the decorative, bright, and beautiful foods are well worth the like and follow. This dish, Golden Beet Ravioli infused […]


We Want These Infused Tater Tots by Chef Holden Jagger Right Now

Nothing beats potatoes when you’re consuming (or have consumed) cannabis. Dropping those hot, oily-but-never-greasy glops of salty crunch into your gob is what feasting on munchies is all about. Needless to say we were panicking over not being able to eat these glorious tater tots by Altered Plates chef Holden Jagger. From the flecks of […]


Coconut Flavored Cannabis

  Coconut Flavored Cannabis: A Tropical Fantasy or Real?   Coconut Kush is a Google-able astrain born from the mind of Rik Sharaj, master grower, but does it taste anything like actual coconuts? Coconut Kush isn’t alone, Leafly and Seedfinder clock many strains with coconut in the nomenclature, but there isn’t much out there noting […]


Which CBD Is For Me?

Which CBD Is For Me: Onda Wellness Every single news item that mentions CBD starts off with mention of the meteoric rise of this cannabinoid. It’s true, consumer products containing CBD are racing to outshine THC and full spectrum cannabis products, but the people who have been rooting for the plant all along know that […]

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Which Cannabis Consumption Method Is the Most Eco-Friendly?

In the rush to get cannabis from farms to buyers, the environment is really taking third or fourth chair, and the cannabis community could be dropping the ball on a major opportunity to hold companies accountable for the ecological impact of their products. Though it’s no surprise that local governments pushed for plastics and other […]


Jim Belushi: From Screen to Green

We could have called this article “Oregon’s Funny Farmer,” because Jim Belushi is funny and a farmer, but we didn’t want to seem disrespectful. Growing cannabis is no joke. Frankly, neither is comedic acting. Ask Belushi—he’ll tell you. Although he makes his work look easy, this man takes comedy and farming very seriously. In fact, […]


Urban Cities Setting Tone For NJ’s Legalization

New Jersey’s Urban Cities Are Trying to Set the Tone for New Jersey’s Legalization by Danielle Guercio All eyes seem to be on New York State for impending legalization, but its next-door neighbor, New Jersey, announced its intentions quite a bit earlier. Just a few weeks have passed since Governor Murphy’s goal of legalization for […]


5 Cannabis DIY’s

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