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New Jersey Assembly Expands Medical Cannabis Program

Though most New Jerseyans favor full recreational legalization and in spite of a slough of campaign promises from Governor Murphy, New Jersey still has not created legislation to start the process. covered a Rutgers poll that stated, “When asked about the legalization of possession and personal use of marijuana, 58 percent of New Jersey residents […]


Instant CannaGratification: Pure Bloom CBD Nectar

CBD may seem like it’s come far, but it has such a long way to go. The prevalence of oily tinctures is narrow form dosing, it must be used sublingually for best results and doesn’t truly dissolve. Though this is an excellent method for consuming CBD, some of us want more options for consistent microdosing […]


Full Flavor CBD Flower and the Future

Sometimes when you get a batch of CBD flower, it has a taste that is more akin to a seedy batch of schwag than the fragrant bouquet of cannabis notes that many flower fans are used to. It’s nothing personal, but most ‘hemp’ prerolls and flower taste old, grassy, and are not the same sensory […]


We Want This Food: Chef Ricky’s Braised Carrots

  When you’re rocking with vegetables for dinner, the usuals come to mind, like potatoes, squashes, and brassicas like broccoli, but carrots are more than just a filler to mix in with other veg for color. Carrots are super nutritious and delicious all by themselves, even completely raw, but when given the chef treatment, they […]


Did The Denisovans Love Weed?

Just this week, The New Scientist published some of the coolest new info on the genesis of cannabis. The latest speculation is that as suspected, cannabis could have grown into the psychoactive wonder plant it is today during its prehistoric time on the Tibetan Plateau. This brings the plant in close proximity with early humans […]


How To Advocate For Cannabis Safety Without Harming The Movement

People are coming around to cannabis, but with every new crest of the wave, opposition remains. This is majorly influenced by stigma and a lack of direct, unbiased, and widely available research to debunk the worst of it. Cannabis is much demonized, but when compared to other intoxicants the differences are stunning. Dropping all of […]


Seratopical Radiant Glow Facial Oil Is For Skincare Enthusiasts

CBD skincare is everywhere, everywhere, which last year used to mean at Sephora and the Standard Hotel but now means drugstores nationwide. It’s really quite stunning to see from any angle, but most of all, the beauty world seems to be picking up that CBD and other cannabinoids not only provide a medical benefit, but […]


Infuse Magical Butter’s New Ghee With Anything You Like

If you’ve eaten Indian food, even a dessert, there is a high chance that you have eaten ghee— a clarified butter product that has a slightly fermented, almost nutty quality. Though it’s made from cow’s milk initially, it doesn’t taste much like OG butter, and that’s what makes it so special in foods. Ghee is […]


Best Vape Ever: Sherbinskis Gello Gelato

Aside from the intense pleasure of seeing bright orange vape pens in general, Sherbinskis, known for premium flower and fashion forward collabs, is making incredible product. From first puff, their Gello Gelato is among the tastiest and cleanest products we’ve tried in 2019. There’s none of that burning sensation that some vapes cause, and when […]


Casa Destroi Is Killing It With These Vegan CBD Golden Beet Ravioli

Cannabis infused or not, Casa Destroi from Adalante Hospitality Group is an extremely eye catching food feed. Sometimes you can find the chef behind the account adding cannabinoids to dishes, oftentimes the dishes aren’t infused, but the decorative, bright, and beautiful foods are well worth the like and follow. This dish, Golden Beet Ravioli infused […]

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