We Tried a Luxury CBD Bath Soak and This is What Happened

When I got to peek Nature of Things’ new luxury CBD body care products, I was excited to say the least. CBD products have been picking up for the last few years, but they’re headed into the super-luxe territory that we always knew they would. 

Rather than dissect the nuances of cannabis’ expansion under late capitalism, we’re choosing to shut up and try the product—but just this time. It’s definitely weird that luxury CBD is here, but it’s not a bad sign if the product is worth its salt. 

Let’s start with the Fortifying Magnesium Soak, which set the mood for a beautiful evening at home. At $36 for a single soak, its up there in price, but it is an incredible treatment that actually relieved some seriously sore muscles. While I would normally consider that price point celeb-level expensive, it’s cheaper than most CBD body treatments in spas by about 75%. This also makes it a great gift for someone you know that deals with intense stress.

After a soothing, delicious smelling bath filled with 60mg of CBD, magnesium, and skin loving papaya and pineapple actives, I slathered on the Body Creme, confident that my skin was soft, and sleep would come easy.

I haven’t raved about a body product since my beauty writer days, and that’s because it’s too easy to get into a plain coconut oil routine, but this cream was excellent for lots of reasons, most importantly its high CBD content and THREE kinds of jasmine oil.

Photo by Karolina Knepaite

The scent is divine, as it’s also paired with lemon blossom oil, bergamot, rosemary, and vetiver. When all rolled together it has a unique floral spiciness, not just a one-note bouquet. Looove this butter and will be cherishing its 6.8 ounces hopefully all winter long, since she spreads pretty well and you don’t need too much product for all of your skin.

If that whole ritual doesn’t get the knots out, their more potent (try 500mg) filled Superlative Body Balm includes anti-inflammatory turmeric, ginger, and other potent pain punchers, but don’t make my mistake of smearing it on like you would the Body Creme, I didn’t know it was minty until it was too late. 

While these are in the upper price echelon, the boxes are ticked: potent doses of full spectrum hemp, beautiful, sturdy packaging, and premium beauty formulations and scents to accept the CBD. If you’ve got it like that or you’re gifting like that, Nature of Things lives up to the price tag. 

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