Sira Naturals dispensary

Discovering Dispensaries: Sira Naturals

  Cannabis dispensaries are relatively new and somewhat taboo in our society. With federal legalization (hopefully) on the horizon, we’ll [...]
how to pick a cannabis strain

How to Pick a Cannabis Strain

  OG Kush, Birthday Cake, Girl Scout Cookies, AK 47, Mimosa?  There’s no science behind strain names, other than the [...]
ZABICOLife's herbal tea

ZABICOLife’s Relaxing and Robust Herbal Teas

  We’re going back to the roots of wellness, literally.  In this new age of modern medicine, there are so [...]
natural sleep aids

Best Natural Sleep Aids: Melatonin, CBD, and Valerian

  Like our phones, we cannot function on a low battery. Sleep is the time the body recharges. But not [...]
Cannaflower CBD flower and pre-rolls

Cannaflower: Energy-Inducing, Day-Transforming CBD

Cannaflower, the predecessor of Berkshire CBD, is a cannabis cultivation company that offers a range of low-THC, high-CBD cannabis products [...]
The Clear’s CBD-infused Salve

The Clear’s CBD-Infused Salve Restores Moisture and Heals Dry Hands

  The Clear is an American-grown hemp brand that offers a range of CBD-infused products nationwide to help consumers naturally [...]

Cannabis Unboxing: Murano Tips, Shaman Botanicals, Humblemaker Coffee Company and 8000 Kicks

In this episode of Cannabis Unboxing we take a look at items from Murano Tips, Shaman Botanicals, Humblemaker Coffee Company [...]
CBD organics review

Enhance Beverages, Sleep or Focus with CBD Organics: Are Their Products Worth it?

Their tincture or beverage enhancers can help their users who need CBD to get them through the day. But are [...]
BFF Hemp review CBD product

4 Organic Hemp Products from BFF that Soothe the Mind and Body

  Your favorite number might become your new BFF. This week I reviewed CBD products from the Blue Forest Farms [...]