Potli Chili Oil is a Yummy Way to Get Your CBD

Sometimes I think I would eat just about anything and everything infused with CBD if given the chance. Maybe one day we will see it as some essential nutrient, but I digress—there’s ramen to be tasted. 

Potli is a brand that is giving chefs a delicious way to interact with cannabinoids, and Chili Oil infused with hemp derived and lab tested CBD is one of those yummy avenues to explore. Chili oil is an important condiment in many parts of the world, but here in NYC it’s an institution. 

Typically infused into sesame oil, it’s got a hot and nutty complexity that plays well in more than Asian foods. Once you start dropping chili oil onto a grilled cheese or add it to a kale salad, you’ll be sworn into the society. 

On one of the first cold nights of the year, I tried this chili oil over a steaming bowl of Roy Choi style ramen, with garlic, cheese, an egg and generous scallions on top. It was pretty great with a drizzle of Potli, and since that’s where I normally slam chili oil, it fit into the soup like a glove. 

People who love spicy food will love this zippy red deliciousness, adding spice and more importantly, flavor, is the key draw to this product. It’s cool that it has CBD, but I would make it way more potent since you don’t usually use more than a teaspoon or two of chili oil in most foods, and that’s strictly for the hot ones—everyone else needs just a drop or two.

All in all, it’s still a unique, novel and tasty product, and I’m thrilled to see such things on the market. Cannabis needs to be played with until we know it like any other consumable or agricultural product. Throwing it in a meaningful application like chili oil made with care is brilliant, and we hope to see more lovely versions of important foods ASAP. 

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