Philly’s Sheena Roberson

Philly’s Sheena Roberson is Reminding Felon’s That They Deserve to be Treated Fairly

Social equity is a phrase that is continuously circulated throughout the cannabis industry. But there is still a lack of [...]

Don Primo’s Kosher Certified Cannabis Infused Lemonade

Visually impaired? Don’t have time to read? EmeraldAudio can help! Click the track above to listen to the story.   [...]
hemp is the future of fashion

Hemp’s Fashion Future

The World’s Oldest Textile may Prove to be the Fabric of the Future   Hemp isn’t a ground-breaking material, but [...]
Maya Shaw

Maya Shaw: Trendsetting Authenticity in Cannabis Aesthetics

  Cannabis culture and fashion are in what many have called “bad taste” for years, but who is in charge [...]
the dime

The Digital Dime: 11/01/2019

By Samantha Wahl Following important cannabis news articles every day can be a real burn-out, we know. That’s why the [...]

Driven by the Success of the Carbonated Water Trend, Eclipse Creates CBD-Infused Sparkling Beverages

  Sparkling waters are having an extended moment, according to America’s Test Kitchen’s Cooking Illustrated. In fact, trendy drinks like [...]
DIY CBD-Infused Golden Milk

Have Your CBD-Infused Golden Milk, and Eat It Too

    If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’re living large in some Cali Valley or southern savannah where [...]

EmeraldCast: Interview with Austin Stevenson of Vertosa

Austin Stevenson, vice president of product and innovation of Vertosa, was in town for a quick round of questions, and [...]

We Tried The Buddy Pipe and This is What Happened

In a world that is more rapidly being covered in the waste and detritus of capitalism, it’s hard to gleefully [...]