Don Primo’s Kosher Certified Cannabis Infused Lemonade

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By Melissa Hutsell


Lemonade might be best when served cold in the summertime—but an infused version of the citrusy and sweet classic is revitalizing in the cooler months when dry, windy, cold weather has us feelin’ a little stuffy, scratchy or generally just ill. 

While many Americans face months of freezing temperatures, sleet and snow—many Californians have associated the end of the year with fire season. That means smokey skies, poor air quality and scratchy throats for weeks on end. And when you’re surrounded by smoke, inhaling isn’t the most appealing way to get your body the cannabinoids it craves—especially when there are products like Don Primo’s Cannabis Infused Lemonade to help you recharge. 

Don Primo’s cannabis infused lemonades are made by Mission Nurseries in Patterson, CA—a Kosher and Clean Green certified operation that produces a portfolio of 12 different products, including beverages, concentrates, flower and more.

The brand is “striving to be the Trader Joe’s of cannabis,” with their selection of high quality products in several categories, all of which are, “Kosher inspected and produced with organic certified inputs […] at a value price for California consumers,” Mitch Davis, manager, told the Emerald.

At $10 per 12 ounce bottle, it’s certainly a steal for California consumers. They come in two flavors—lemonade and strawberry lemonade—and are infused with 100mg of THC and 2mg of CBD.

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Each bottle has 10 servings, which can be easily measured with the bottle cap (seven capfuls=one serving, 10mgs), or poured into a shot glass. 

The size and dosage of the drink is the greatest aspect of this product. The single serving size allows users to micro-dose, and take one serving at a time. Alternatively, if you’ve got a high tolerance—this is also a great product for you because you can adjust the serving size, and still have more for later (or to share). 

I started with two shots of the classic lemonade on a saturday afternoon, and within roughly 30 minutes, I started to feel the cannabinoids’ effects. I felt relaxed, comfortable…and even a little giddy! Within a few hours, the effects started to fade, so I topped off the night with another “shot” of Don Primo. 

When the effects wore off, I felt a bit of a crash—sort of slobbish and sleepy. I was ready for bed. I hit the sack, slept through the night and woke up the next morning feeling fully rested. 

Of course, I still had plenty of Don Primo left for the next day—so I waited a little later in the day, and took another few servings, which I watered down a bit with water to dilute the flavor. 

The beverage’s flavor is hit or miss for some. While I was not a fan of the taste, I’ve shared with others who were. 

The flavor profile is layered; the lemon hits first, and is followed by a plant-y aftertaste that’s sort of chalky and bitter. It washes down well with a cup of water—but can also be watered down with water when served. Soon, the flavor will drift far from your mind as the soothing effects of the THC kick in.

The lemonade slightly soothed my throat, and generally had me feeling relaxed in no time. Because of its potency and price point, these lemonades come highly recommended year-round. They’re great for micro-dosing, or winding down during an evening or weekend in. Bonus: it might also come with a great night’s sleep. 

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