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We Want This Food: Chef Ricky’s Braised Carrots

  When you’re rocking with vegetables for dinner, the usuals come to mind, like potatoes, squashes, and brassicas like broccoli, but carrots are more than just a filler to mix in with other veg for color. Carrots are super nutritious and delicious all by themselves, even completely raw, but when given the chef treatment, they […]


Casa Destroi Is Killing It With These Vegan CBD Golden Beet Ravioli

Cannabis infused or not, Casa Destroi from Adalante Hospitality Group is an extremely eye catching food feed. Sometimes you can find the chef behind the account adding cannabinoids to dishes, oftentimes the dishes aren’t infused, but the decorative, bright, and beautiful foods are well worth the like and follow. This dish, Golden Beet Ravioli infused […]


We Want These Infused Tater Tots by Chef Holden Jagger Right Now

Nothing beats potatoes when you’re consuming (or have consumed) cannabis. Dropping those hot, oily-but-never-greasy glops of salty crunch into your gob is what feasting on munchies is all about. Needless to say we were panicking over not being able to eat these glorious tater tots by Altered Plates chef Holden Jagger. From the flecks of […]

Photo by Carrie Mayfield

Cannabis with Class: The Emerald Magazine’s 2nd Annual Pot Pairing

With heaping bowls of cannabis on every table, you could smell the enthusiasm of the guests in the air almost as strongly as the Loleta cheese and Sunrise Mountain Farms’ Lemon Kush at The Emerald Magazine’s Second Annual Pot Pairing. The pairing went off without a hitch on Saturday, September 10, 2016. With an array of […]

The Emerald Magazine
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