We Tried The Buddy Pipe and This is What Happened

In a world that is more rapidly being covered in the waste and detritus of capitalism, it’s hard to gleefully engage in a new cannabis delivery technology with a clear conscious. 

Vapes, though now controversial for health reasons, used to be only docked for the environmental waste they produced. People might be returning to the ‘old ways’ of consuming cannabis and tobacco, and one of those methods was the standby one hitter, similar to a pipe but more portable and discreet.

One hitters have been part of the fabric of New York’s cannabis culture for some time, and they sometimes look like little cigarettes to fool any passerby—not that we think it actually works very well. 

Now there is a wave of upgraded one hitter pipe designs, and we are loving The Buddy Pipe. The Emerald got its own engraved Buddy pipe so we could test out its practicality—and its gift-ability. 

Customization of products is not common in cannabis, and a simple engraved message on an endlessly useful product is a pretty great gift or party favor idea, if we ever heard one.

The pipe hits smooth and is the right size to keep your brows and lashes safe from any flames. There’s also a bit more room in the front for bud than most one hitters we’ve seen, making it ideal for sharing. This is key to upgrading the original design of a one hitter pipe, which is quite small and unimpressive in its older form. An upgraded bat design allows users to at least pass it to one or two other people. 

Ours reads “The Emerald Magazine” but you can put any inspiring or funny, cheeky, missive you could imagine on the barrel. Smoke the old school way with new school design and the flare of individuality that makes for true novelty, and maybe you can ditch the carts and preroll tubes, at least for a time. 

Emerald contributor since May 2017


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