4 Organic Hemp Products from BFF that Soothe the Mind and Body

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Your favorite number might become your new BFF. This week I reviewed CBD products from the Blue Forest Farms (BFF) hemp company, which has been growing cannabis for more than 40 years on their own 200 acre farm in Colorado. Their mission is to share hemp with the world, and allow everyone to experience its benefits. 


BFF Hemp: Know the Numbers

BFF’s CBD products are named by numbers (from one to six) to help consumers understand each blend, beginning with the formula’s cannabinoid profile. For instance, their number 01 products contain only CBD, and no THC. The 02 blend, however, features terpenes but no THC, whereas the 06 does. This makes the 01 oil the best for people who live in areas that outlaw any amount of THC but still want to have CBD oil. The company offers a guide to its number system on its website. 

All of their products are made from organic hemp, are non gmo, and are lab tested. The results of the lab tests can be found by scanning the QR code located on every product. 

However, it is important to note that while there is supposed to be a batch number at the bottom of each product so you can look up the lab results, none of the products I was given had batch numbers on them. Hopefully this was just because I was given sample products, and not because they aren’t putting batch numbers on their products. As such, I was unable to check whether the third party test results confirm the products’ cannabinoid contents. 


The 03 Oil

1 fl. ounce, 600-1200 mg of CBD


BFF Hemp 03 Tincture. Photo by Emerald Media.

First, I tried their 1200 mg Full Spectrum 03 CBD oil. It came in a 1 fluid-ounce glass bottle with a dropper lid. 

While their website has pictures that break down dosages, and let users know how many of many milligrams are in each —  the actual dropper itself has no numbers on it or anything indicating how much is in the tube. This is inconvenient because it makes it nearly impossible to measure the same dose every time. 

The oil itself is lemon flavored and has a nice citrus scent. Other oils that I’ve tried tend to smell very earthy, so the lemon was a welcome touch. 

Despite how lightweight the oil was, the flavor was strong. I found the lemon flavor a bit too strong, so if you don’t like citrus you may want to pick a different oil. 

03 is a full-spectrum oil, which means the company uses the whole hemp plant to make the oil. As such, it features the plant’s natural variety of compounds, including different cannabinoids and terpenes. The product’s test results seem to confirm the formula is full-spectrum.

In addition to CBD, lab results show this batch of 03 oil contains cannabinoids like tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), which research shows can help promote bone growth, and ease anxiety. The oil also contains cannabidivarin (CBDV), which helps treat seizures, and cannabigerol (CBG) — which prevents inflammation, and may even help fight cancer.

Rating: 4.0/5.0 Emeralds


Soft Gels

30 gels, 750 mg of CBD


BFF Hemp 05 Softgels. Photo By Emerald Media.

Another product I tried was their 05 organic CBD softgels

The 05 is another full-spectrum product, with CBD, CBG, THCV, and CBDV all included. BFF’s website says these softgels encourage relaxation without drowsiness, and can provide release from everyday stressors. They come in a glass jar with 30 softgels, 25 mg of CBD each, totaling 750 mgs of CBD. 

I took one soft gel every morning for a little over a week. I noticed that I generally felt more calm. Something else I noticed was that on days I would forget to take it, I tended to have more mood swings/be more emotional than on days when I didn’t take it. However, it didn’t take away my overall anxiety as well as other tinctures I’ve tried in the past. Not that they are necessarily supposed to — these products clearly state that they are not meant to treat or take away any diseases. 

Rating: 3.5/5.0 Emeralds


Face Serum

2 fl. ounces, 300 mg of CBD


BFF Hemp 01 Face Serum. Photo by Emerald Media.

A third product I tried from BFF hemp was their 300 mg True 01 Organic CBD Face Serum. It’s made with jojoba oil, olive squalane, evening primrose, Mct oil, vitamin E, frankincense, myrrh, and hemp extract. It is supposed to give your skin a glow, and even slow aging. 

According to their website, “its high concentration of omega-fatty acids combined with CBD can help to rebuild your skin-barrier and reduce inflammation to soothe irritated, sensitized skin.”

Ingredients like jojoba oil are used to help treat skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. 

There is no measuring device on this dropper either. But it’s not really needed since you can use however much works for you. 

It is a very oily product. It also takes a while to absorb into the skin. So if you already have very oily skin, it may not be for you. I have combination skin so I only used about three-four drops. There were definitely times where I felt the need to wipe off extra oil. But it did give my face an extra glow, as promised. 

I used the serum every morning with a moisturizer for more than a week. While I have some problems with acne, and it did not go away, I noticed I had less than usual. I also noticed my face felt smoother, especially in the mornings.

Rating: 4.5/5.0 Emeralds


Soothing Lotion

4 ounces, 1000 mg of CBD


BFF Hemp Soothing Lotion. Photo by Emerald Media.

The last product I tried from BFF was their 1000 mg Organic CBD Relief Lotion. BFF’s Coast to Coast Organic CBD Relief Lotion is made with a variety of ingredients including coconut oil which can help fight skin infections. It’s also got aloe, which soothes burns and moisturizes the skin, and calendula — known by many to help with inflammation and rashes. 

This lotion is supposed to help ease with dry skin, and aches and pains.

The lotion has a very pleasant sweet smell, which comes from the coconut oil and aloe, though I would say there’s a slight citrus scent to it as well. The scent lingers after it’s applied, so be weary of this product if you’re sensitive to smells. 

It is a thin, white cream, almost liquid-like — but not runny. It goes on evenly, and even though it is stored at room temperature, it is cold to the touch, which makes it extra soothing on the skin. 

Immediately after putting it on, my skin felt soft and silky. I usually used it after showering to help my skin stay hydrated, and I didn’t notice any dryness even hours later.

I don’t personally have any joint pain so I can’t say if it really does help with pain. As such, I used it, and enjoyed it, for its moisturizing properties. 

Rating: 4.0/5.0 Emeralds


All-in-all these products worked well, and mostly lived up to BFF’s claims. The price points were on par with other products available on the market.

I was also impressed with the company’s product guides, which I found informative as a cannabis consumer. As such, I’ll surely be using (and recommending) these products.  



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