5 Fall-Themed Smoking Devices to Help you Embrace Spooky Season

Fall is officially in full swing. Over at Emerald, we’re gearing up for endless scary movies, fuzzy socks, and apple cider-filled smoke seshes. 

Thus, it’s only right we compiled a list of fall inspired accessories to match the mood. 

Jack-The-Ripper Bong

This Jack the Ripper bong from Hemper is the perfect way to start off spooky season. Not only is it adorable enough to stand simply as a display piece, it serves its function as well with a showerhead style perk. It’s compact and absolutely adorable. Complete with a 14mm bowl piece, this bong is priced at a fair $44.99. 


Carsten Carlile Heady Skull Skeleton Dab Rig - Carsten Carlile Heady Skull Skeleton Dab Rig

This Skull Skeleton dab rig is an absolute stunner created by glass artist Carsten Carlile. Carlile, who has been blowing glass since 1995, features a ton of other skull pieces on his Instagram page as well, @carstenglass10. The Skull Skeleton rig is available on Smoke Cartel for $900 and comes with a domeless Santa Cruz Shredder titanium nail. 








Nothing quite says Spooky Season like The Nightmare before Christmas. This Jack Skellington pipe is not only festive, but it is beautifully crafted out of silicone to provide better protection. It’s perfect for more lowkey smokers and comes at a super affordable price of $17.99. Available on Etsy from FawntasticdesignsAZ, where it receives over 1,000 5 star reviews. 










As they say, an apple a day keeps the doctors away. The Apple Handpipe by Daily High Club offers a discreet look for your autumn-esque smoke-sesh. Just 4 inches tall, This piece would also make an awesome gift for your stoner, teacher friends! The Daily High Club also offers a subscription service to automatically receive monthly themed boxes for all your smoking needs. Their October box even features a Halloween themed clipper lighter, and a “magic potion” glass piece. 

Falling Leaves Dab Rig

The Falling Leaves dab rig is quentisental for fall, and beyond. The details are absolutely stunning! It stands 8 inches tall with a beautiful leaf accent that doubles as a handle. We especially love this piece because the subtleness of the leaf keeps it relevant all year round. Available on BadAssGlass for $168.40. 



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