5 Instagram Artists to Enjoy While Stoned

Written by Rita Thompson

Photo by @Artbyjaneshea


Cat’s outta the bag: stoners like art. 

For some, a trip to the art museum while stoned offers a chill environment to ease stress and check out some pretty pictures. For others, like renowned visionary artists, Alex Grey, cannabis is a creative tool that allows for inspiration, and release from the aesthetic “slumps.” 

However, while many of the museums that we love remain closed amid COVID-19, the visual satisfaction that comes with smoking a doobie and heading to The Met is lost—almost. 

The Emerald wants to make sure audiences are not missing out on any of the fun art being created during this pandemic, so we’ve compiled a list of our five favorite artists to stalk on Instagram (stoned, or not).

1. @Savinamonet 

Savina Monet is a digital collage artist who works with diversely owned companies in the industry to transform the way we look at cannabis. The use of bright colors, mixed mediums, and not to mention, beautiful women on her Instagram will quickly bring a smile to anyone’s face. A Google search will present collages of potheads, aliens, nature and more. 

Her works explore themes like retro futurism, science fiction, and femininity. Monet is also well-versed in activism and incorporates social justice issues, such as the Abolish ICE Movement, into her work.


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Sometimes you just gotta be Queen Bee 🐝💨 Here’s a full look at the finished product from last nights’ Collaging With Intention: Digital Workshop with @cannaclusive ✨ Thank you to everyone that joined and created together, I can’t wait for the next one! 💕

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2. @Mohanartlajolla

Mohan Sundaresan is a 75-year-old artist living in La Jolla, California. He offers unique “woven paintings,” made with rich colors and a common theme—cannabis. From afar, viewers might see his works as your typical acrylic painting. However, zoom in and it’s clear that they are much, much, more than that. Sundaresan actually creates his pieces by painting on separate hemp canvases, then weaving them together. Check him out for a totally unique art experience. 


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Showing some finished and unfinished pieces to some visitors. Fortunately the Wizard of Badassery @hewburney brought his camera, and a little more🎥🌲😷 #studioart #acrylicpainting #californiacannabiscommunity #sandiegocannabiscommunity #hempleaf #oneplant #onetribe #lastprisonerproject #savetheplanet #covid45 #trumpvirus

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3. @Emilyeizen 

Emily Eizen is a queer model, artist, and photographer based in Southern California. We absolutely love her 60s-inspired works, and the fun, yet often politically-charged messages that her page sends.

Eizen stars in, and shoots some absolutely stunning photos that we highly recommend checkin’ out. Virtually every one of her posts looks ready to be printed and slapped on the wall. 


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🌿eve in the garden of weeden🌿 me for @stoneroadfarms shot by @kate_sweeney 💐 floral art by @flwrpstl

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4. @artbyjaneshea

Looking for paintings that pop with bright colors and female empowerment? Look no further than Art by Janeshea. Janeshea is a college student and painter based in Philadelphia, Pa., with drool-inducing pieces of popular musicians, characters, and cannabis lovers. 

Her paintings offer a sense of inclusivity and acceptance that the art world sometimes lacks. Not to mention, @artbyjaneshea offers lots of giveaways and sweet deals on her femme-based colorful clothing, prints, and totes! 


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“Tired” $40 prints 💗

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5. @sashaforfvcksake

Self-proclaimed, “female human kidney stoner,” Sasha Kalashnikov, is a painter who creates the most adorable and relatable pieces ever. From female empowerment, to sex, to cannabis, Kalashnikov touches on virtually anything she can throw her unique spin on. The simplicity and realness of Kalashnikov’s work makes her page our overall favorite for all things women-n-weed. 

Love what you see as much as we do? The majority of her artwork is available for purchase on Etsy.


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Me time. Prints available at link in bio 💦#peculiart

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All-in-all, scrolling through artwork on Instagram is not the same as taking a trip to The Met. But with everything going on in the world, it will certainly do for now! So take a moment, light up, and enjoy. 

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