A Hempster Named Cindy Hopper

“Hemp is the only plant that can feed, clothe, house, provide clean energy and health to every man, woman, and child on the planet…so what are we waiting for humanity?”

Cindy Hopper is the definition of a Hempster. With more than two decades in the hemp sector, she brings experience, knowledge, and know-how to the circle. To understand what has led Cindy to where she is today, you have to know a little about her history. Cindy’s passion for hemp began back in 1996 when she first read the book “Hemp, Lifeline to the Future” by Chris Conrad. It was this book that sparked the inspiration in Cindy to pursue her endeavors in the hemp industry.

Hemp, Lifeline to the Future

She found herself with a passion and a fire in her soul to educate the planet and share with them this wonderful new plant she had just discovered.

The knowledge Cindy learned from this book really put everything into perspective, and she knew someone must educate the world about this amazing plant and all of its benefits.  

A year after reading Chris’ book, she designed the Original Hemp Jewelry Board which is utilized in making hemp macramé jewelry. Macrame is an art of knotting string or cord into patterns for different applications such as necklaces and bracelets. A short time after that, she started Hemp Sisters Inc. In no time at all, the business became one of the “largest industrial hemp internet business in the world selling hundreds of hemp and other natural fiber products.” Wanting to venture outside of the online store, she created the 10×20 portable Hemp Hut and kiosk located at the Galleria Mall in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Hemp Sisters sold every trendy, healthy hemp product on the market including hemp pasta, hemp purses, hemp clothing and much more. Working with other original hempsters like Jack Herer and Eric Steenstra, Cindy set out on a mission to bring hemp to the world.

Hemp Sisters

The Hemp Sisters Inc. Hemp Hut Kiosk

She is a down to earth, free spirited individual and one of the most passionate people I have ever met when it comes to hemp and helping others. She knows that this one plant has the ability to change life on Earth, for the better. She knows that through hemp, we could provide food and medicine to the starving and sick, build supplies for shelter, produce materials and different textiles for clothing and much, much more. There is not a single other plant on this planet that has this much to offer humanity. This has been the fuel for her fire, and what has led her down the hemptastic road she has traveled. It is also the same passion that is paving the path for the adventures ahead.

Cindy landed her first job at the age of 16 in the small eatery, Frank’s New York Italian Style Pizzeria in Somerset, Pennsylvania where she later became co-owner in 1981. The small pizza restaurant sold after 23 years of success and remains a landmark in the area. Combining her passion for hemp with her experience in the food industry, Cindy is pioneering a whole new concept in hemp.  

The quest to give people a healthy option for dining is what drove her to take signature American classics like hot dogs, hamburgers, tacos, and pizza, and make them super healthy! She doesn’t want to change what you eat, she wants to make what you eat “super healthy” with Hemp, the superfood rich in Omegas 3, 6, and 9.

Team Hemp Dog® has spent the last three years developing a nutritious line of 30+ products using the healthiest food source on the planet. Their products are made with hemp flour, hemp seeds, hemp oil, hemp milk and hemp protein making them some of the hemp-iest, healthiest products on the market. The product line offers something for everyone from natural and organic to vegan and Kosher options. The company launched the first hemp food based menu concept in Richmond, Virginia in 2014 and received national news attention. The Hemp Dog® Cart could be found serving menu items such as Hemp Dogs and Hemp Burgers to students by the Virginia Commonwealth University Library in exchange for feedback for their café menu.

Cindy educates youngsters on the importance of eating healthy and on the benefits of hemp through the super hero character named Rebel, based on her dog Lilly. Rebel the Hemp Dog® will show kids how they can ‘unleash’ their #HempHero by eating nutritious foods. He will show how food and the body work together to make us healthy in a series of cookbooks for children. Rebel will set an example on being a good steward of society and the earth. The company plans to offer a Rebel product line of children’s clothing, shoes and toys made from American grown hemp!  

Currently, Cindy is in the process of developing a school program for entrepreneurs. The program is designed to incorporate their product line with organic vegetables in a food cart tailored to the particular school. Participants will learn about business, food service, marketing and fundraising through the program, giving them the skillsets needed to pursue their own business or obtain a managerial position right out of high school.

This story of one of the original Hempsters, Cindy Hopper, is an honor to tell. Her dedication, persistence and passion are going to change the future for the better, forever. It was an honor to speak with Cindy and I look forward to seeing the success of her endeavors as well as the success of Team Hemp Dog Café!  


Written by James Priest

Emerald contributor since September 2015


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