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Pornhub : The Website to Advertise Political Campaigns

Written By: J. Laura   Many Americans won’t just see political advertisements on lawns, billboards, bumper stickers or TVs this [...]

Capital Cathy Podcast: #1—”Not Enough Women are Financed”—Christina de Giovanni

Welcome to the Capital Cathy podcast, the show that talks about funding a future for women, and their experiences in [...]
Understanding the challenges the CBD industry is still facing despite the enactment of the 2018 Farm Bill.

Where is the CBD Industry Going?

Almost 80 years after industrial hemp became one of the most illegal substances in the United States to grow, handle [...]
Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak just signed 3 marijuana reform bills, one of which denies employers from drug testing for THC.

More Cannabis Reform and Questioning Strain Naming

If you haven’t heard, Las Vegas has become the epicenter of recreational cannabis commerce in the United States. There are [...]

Visions of Cannabis: A Life Coach on a Mission

  Sarah Trapkus moved to Arcata in 1998 knowing She was going to put down roots.   From the time [...]

Hall of Flowers

The inaugural Hall of Flowers launches this month and we’re looking forward to welcoming you.  Let’s get to know each [...]

Wine + Weed: A Budding Future

Northern California’s natural resources are legendary.               The frothy whitecaps of the Pacific, towering [...]


The Emerald Triangle Shares A New Cannabis Product: Education       Humboldt County is pulling back the Redwood Curtain [...]

The Beauty Industry

The Multi-Billion Dollar Personal Health And Beauty Industry Meets Cannabis   Cannabis infused health and beauty products are growing in [...]