Richard Lowe

Emerald contributor since June 2019
I have been writing about the cannabis space now for three years and have had the opportunity to interview some of the top cannabis business executives and advocates in the world as the managing editor for The National Marijuana News. I worked in the financial sector for 14 years as an investment advisor rep and futures broker. I am a longtime advocate for the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana along with industrial hemp.
Understanding the challenges the CBD industry is still facing despite the enactment of the 2018 Farm Bill.

Where is the CBD Industry Going?

Almost 80 years after industrial hemp became one of the most illegal substances in the United States to grow, handle [...]
Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak just signed 3 marijuana reform bills, one of which denies employers from drug testing for THC.

More Cannabis Reform and Questioning Strain Naming

If you haven’t heard, Las Vegas has become the epicenter of recreational cannabis commerce in the United States. There are [...]
New York votes to decriminalize marijuana and expunge the records of thousand of people convicted of low-level cannabis crimes.

New York Decriminalizes Cannabis and Expunges Records

After New York failed to legalize adult-use cannabis earlier this year, the legislature scrambled to try and get it done [...]