Forever Flowers Gets Fresh with the Cannabis Community   Forever Flowers is a film project created and directed by Erin Granat, [...]

Emerald Scientific

Emerald Scientific is re-approaching the science of cannabis and helping to set standards along the way. The multi-faceted company is [...]

Emerald Trade Alliance

Based in Eugene, Oregon, the Emerald Trade Alliance is a good example of what may be in store for the [...]

Quality Control

Northern Emeralds and the Next Era                   Several decades ago, Hunter S. [...]

The Marijuana Business Conference – A look into the Future of the Industry

The 2016 election was a big shaker, a rumbler felt throughout the world. Cannabis victories across the nation were somewhat [...]

Glassblowing for a Global Audience

From Seattle to Singapore, Dale Chihuly’s magnificent art has graced public buildings, outdoor spaces and botanical gardens around the world. [...]

Southern Humboldt Royal Cannabis

The road twists and turns, winding through a forest of ancient redwoods. We climb out of the forest and ascend [...]

Artisan Glassblowing with Good Glass Humboldt

A new piece of glass isn’t just the mere acquisition of a new piece to smoke from, it is, without [...]

RAMZ Glass: Another Fine Product from Southern Humboldt

Valuable nuggets aren’t the only similarity between California’s gold and green rushes. Both endeavors brought flocks of people to the [...]