Visions of Cannabis: A Life Coach on a Mission


Sarah Trapkus moved to Arcata in 1998 knowing She was going to put down roots.  

From the time she was a teenager, She’d envisioned living on land, having a family and working with Cannabis.

“Cannabis has always been in my life.  My parents we growers in the 60’s and 70’s in Big Sur. I was born into Her.”

Her greatest vision, however,  was the work She would do with people guiding them to their greatest potential.  

“I didn’t know what this looked like, but I knew this was how I would serve the world.”

And this is what she’s spent her own life practicing; understanding herself, studying her own behavior and her mind, noticing her experiences and how they’re created. She set an intention early in her life to always evolve.

Cannabis was one of her greatest teachers.

Today Sarah is a Life Coach for Entrepreneurs in the Cannabis Industry.  This is the work she does to guide others into their greatest potential. How she got here is a rich story of personal growth and expansion.

Sarah guides her clients the same way she’s always guided herself.

“I always had a vision first. I allowed this vision to show itself to me and I studied it.  

When it was clear I would work on my belief.  All the thoughts that were in conflict with the vision was the work.  When I cleared my thoughts up my belief was solid.

Then I got to work making it true.

I used cannabis for much of my young adult life as a means of noticing and tracking the automatic and unconscious thoughts I had and understanding what they created for me.  

I connected the thoughts I was having to the emotions I was feeling.  

Cannabis showed me they were optional and I could choose to think what ever I wanted.”

Because cannabis was a strong influence in Sarah’s life from an early age, she was exposed to a lot of the alternative ideas and ways of living that many of the pioneers in cannabis share.

“I knew I’d always work for myself.  I knew I would first align with Universal Law before abiding by the law.  I trusted my life and always believed I would get what I wanted.

Having cannabis in my life from the beginning shaped me.”  

In 2017 Sarah’s life was full.  She was seeing her reality as the vision she received as a teenager.


Living on a beautiful farm above the Jacoby Creek Valley with her Loving Partner and their three young children was a dream come true.


“I was thriving.  This was the life I’d envisioned.  I’d arrived. All the steps, experiences, challenges, failures, wins and deep work along the way cumulated into this reality.  I sat here and relished in the power of creation. I knew that in order to move forward into the next version of myself and my life I would have to experience this.  I would need to own it. I would need to be present with it.”

Her Partner Sean, who is the Master Grower and the Architect of their family Farm, was going all in on the cultivation of their soon to be “legal” product.

Sarah was managing the compliance process while homeschooling their oldest daughter and caring for their 3 year old son and a newborn. She was finding her center as a Mom to three young children as she developed the skills this new industry was asking of her.

What opened up for Sarah is where she finds herself today.  

“I had to ask myself: What is this relationship with Cannabis?  What is she asking me to do?

What I realized is She’s always been with me.  She’s always guided me. She’s been a part of my future – always.  She was whispering to me and I needed to listen harder. I was getting a message.

Then I knew my experiences with her, what she’s showed me about my mind and receiving a vision was what I needed to share with the world.”

This is when Sarah decided to coach entrepreneurs in the Cannabis Industry. This is what Cannabis asked her to do.

“If the leaders in this industry can be clear on what Cannabis is asking them to do, if they can remember that they create their reality; their best businesses and selves, by managing their minds and aligning with their belief, then the cannabis they bring into this market and the people who use it will also receive this gift.  This is how it works.”

Sarah’s theories on Cannabis goes deeper than just our minds.  She also teaches how the spirit of the plant also influences us.

“I’ve done a lot of self study with Cannabis.  One of the greatest realizations I had was when I noticed the difference between self consciousness and consciousness of self.  

There’s a fine line between the two and depending on where I met cannabis, my experience feel on one side of the line or the other.  This was always my edge.

Scientists have determined the amount of THC and our own endocannabinoid system as determining factor for weather or not we feel anxious or paranoid; the self conscious side I’m naming, or clear and connected; which is consciousness of self.  

But the consciousness of the person and the spiritual power of the plant is missing in this assessment.  The unconscious thoughts we’re having and how we’re showing up – or not showing up – when we invite this powerful plant spirit in determines this experience.  

She’ll show us every time, but we must know how to check in to receive this medicine. So many of us are using her to check out.  This is a problem. I’m influencing this change”

Today, Sarah’s beliefs about Cannabis and The Industry are edgy.  But this is how she’s always been. Questioning what’s real and deciding what to believe based on the visions she receives.  Cannabis has always been there to guide her through the experiences of realizing these visions and it’s happening on an entirely new level now.

“Cannabis doesn’t want us to get high so we feel better.  She wants us to learn how to feel better by managing our minds.  She is a tool for this, but so many of us mis-use the tool. Her medicine is stronger, deeper and more expansive than most people realize and it’s been diluted through habitual use.  We’re in a time and place of accepting her as normal part of our everyday lives. I understand this is what needs to happen now, but its not the end of the story. Not at all.

It’s my calling to teach the tools that cannabis showed me to the leaders of this industry.”

She believes many of the Entrepreneurs in Cannabis feel the same way, but they may not have the language or a process to integrate it into their lives or businesses.  

“I’ve done the work and understand the process.  I have the language. These tools can be applied to anyone in any area of their life. I’m simply choosing Entrepreneurs in Cannabis as the population to serve.  This is who I am.”

Sarah is leading a workshop for Entrepreneurs in the Cannabis Industry on Saturday, April 13th in Eureka, CA from 10AM – 5PM .  

She’ll teach the powerful mind management tools she’s practiced and applied to her own life.  Then She’ll guide workshop participants through her goal setting and planning process so they can realize their greatest vision.”

“These are universal truths.  This is what we need now and as Leaders in the Cannabis Industry. This is where we can effect the greatest change.”


Emerald contributor since December 2016


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