Alcohol Countermeasure Systems announces remote alcohol monitoring technology for criminal justice applications

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Alcohol Countermeasure Systems, an innovative manufacturer of breath-alcohol testing products, announces the launch of RELIANT™ emu, a remote alcohol monitoring device for compliance intervention of offenders on pre-trial, probation or court order.

The application of remote alcohol monitoring as an intervention technology for probation was first introduced by ACS in 1985; however, since that time it has become a determinant tool for measuring compliance with court ordered interventions. Thus, the evidential value of these devices has come under scrutiny.

RELIANT emu is the first of several remote alcohol monitoring products being released by ACS to provide demonstrably accurate, reliable and secure evidence of compliance. The device features high performance, law enforcement grade electrochemical sensing for alcohol, encryption and secure transmission of data to a central database for authenticated access by monitoring authorities. It also provides simple program enrolment through a user friendly case management application with online alerts of subject non-compliance.

While the National Institute of Justice has developed standards for offender tracking technologies, there is no performance standard for remote alcohol monitoring devices. ACS applied to the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization and a working group is presently developing a model specification for this technology to provide guidance to interested parties.

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