Always Be My Maybe: Ali Wong’s RomCom Dominates

We at the Emerald love Ali Wong. She’s notorious for her slightly raunchy, extra-real, gruff but still girlie, ass-kicking stand-up, but in Always Be My Maybe on Netflix, she shines as a budding actress, portraying celebrity chef Sasha Tran. After getting down with Kurvana’s Cactus Cooler vape, we felt relaxed and ready to go the entire hour and 45 without going outside for a joint or looking at phones—mostly.

Cactus Cooler is a versatile strain that fits with the needs of lots of different consumers. The fruitiness has a refreshing air like a prickly pear drink, and it almost sparkles with a nice throat hit that isn’t uncomfortable. We feel like this primarily happens with super potent vapes, which Kurvana’s ASCND line is known for.

The best part of watching ‘Flix with a vape is that you can keep it going the whole time, not unlike Wong’s co-star and love interest, Marcus, played by Randall Park, a loveable Bay Area boo who smoked throughout the film.

Though it was mostly weed-positive, occasionally it was thrown out that this was a lazy or undesirable tendency, which was just a little behind the times, but otherwise it was a pro-cannabis affair—Marcus’s dad didn’t care at all when he would toke up before work or at home.

Wong was pretty great, and though there were hints of her playing Ali Wong more than playing Sasha Tran, this is a typical result when comedians begin to cross over into scripted acting. Nonetheless, it will be so exciting to see how her acting career progresses, even if it’s strictly rom-com focused. Ali Wong is a gem, and so is our Kurvana Cactus Cooler Vape.

Photos: Maria Penaloza

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