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Lagunitas’ New Cannabis-Infused Beer

One of California’s most popular breweries — Lagunitas Brewing Company — has officially crossed over into the cannabis industry. The brewers at Lagunitas, based in Santa Rosa, partnered with Cannacraft’s AbsoluteXtracts to create both a beer and a vape pen that bring flavors from hops and cannabis together to create whole new experiences. Why terpenes? […]

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Lessons in Herbal Remedies

In Redcrest, California, the view of the sky is wide open in nearly all directions; a hard sight to find in the Emerald Triangle. As one of the flatter areas of Humboldt County, this distinctive microclimate is ideal for farmland in a county known for its mountainous roads and sloping hills. On a late August […]


MEND: Life at the Seams

Humboldt’s Living History Podcast The hills of Humboldt are shifting. As prohibition ends and an era of cannabis regulation begins, the community adapts to a new paradigm and to new neighbors. Stories of families in the Emerald Triangle have been locked away behind closed lips and an aversion to written records (by necessity), allowing the […]


A Conference to Celebrate

A Celebration of Women’s Health and the Future of Cannabis   A celebration can take on many forms: a raucous party, a formal affair, a casual get-together. The Celebrate Women of Cannabis conference took a novel approach by respecting and addressing the real needs and questions women have about using cannabis to heal.   Hundreds […]

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Treatwell Pet Tinctures

UPDATE*** ‘Permit Patty’ resigns from cannabis firm amid backlash from fellow entrepreneurs – SF CHRONICLE   Filling in the gaps to help an exotic range of patients  ………………………   Though research exists on how cannabis helps pets facing medical problems like cancer, that limited data pool is only the beginning if you want to help […]

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The Cannabis Spa at Home

The Cannabis Spa at Home | Take Your Home Spa to New Heights           It is no easy feat to craft a DIY spa book that can introduce newcomers to cannabis-infused goodies while also giving new ideas to experienced topical-makers. “The Cannabis Spa at Home” strikes that balance. Author Sandra Hinchliffe […]


Fighting For Women

How cannabis helped one California attorney fulfill her potential, and is leading to her next great adventure: Medical school    Captivating minds in the courtroom and when marching in the streets, Kyndra Miller has been a quiet, fiery force behind the cannabis industry, blazing trails in the courtroom and activating women and others along the way. […]

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