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Green Leaf Warrior

One Woman’s Mission to Tip the Scales of Injustice     Jamie Goswick is a normal person like you and I. Perhaps I should say she is a NORML person like you and I. Jamie is on a mission to help break the negative stigmas and stereotypes associated with cannabis through activism and education. She’s […]


Emerald Fields: The Emerald of Manitou Springs, Colorado

Emerald Fields in Manitou Springs, Colorado is one of only two dispensaries that serve the Colorado Springs area on a recreational or retail level. The experience you get when you visit Emerald Fields is one that can only be described as a boutique cannabis experience. You don’t get the feeling that you’re in a doctor’s […]


Cheap Glass, A thing of the Past: A New Age for Artisan Glass

There’s a difference between artisan glass pipes and cheap China pipes from the gas station or smoke shop. Artisan glass work has been around for thousands of years. Some of the earliest recorded pieces of glass work date back to 3000 BC in Mesopotamia and early Egypt. The process of making anything from glass was […]

Hemp Sisters

A Hempster Named Cindy Hopper

“Hemp is the only plant that can feed, clothe, house, provide clean energy and health to every man, woman, and child on the planet…so what are we waiting for humanity?” Cindy Hopper is the definition of a Hempster. With more than two decades in the hemp sector, she brings experience, knowledge, and know-how to the […]

Hemp Plane

Air Hemp: Hempearth Group Ltd Is Taking Hemp To The Skies

As seen on USA Today, The National Hemp Association and many other notable organizations, Hempearth Group LTD is on a mission to build the world’s first hemp plane. This, what some would call an insane vision, is the dream of a man by the name of Derek Kesek. This hempsational concept is ever closer to […]

Black Rock OG

I Don’t Smell Anything

Black Rock OG is the name you need to know when you need a discreet stylish stash case. The Black Rock OG safety case is a classy way to store your herb discreetly. Just because you have the loud doesn’t mean you want it to scream from your pocket to everyone around you. The Black […]

Another Trip Around the sun

Another Trip Around The Sun

Since 1828, Merriam-Webster has been giving definition to words. August is amongst us, marking the anniversary of the Emerald Magazine. This month is a fitting time for this special occasion. The word August according to Merriam-Webster has a short definition: having a formal and impressive quality, and a long definition: marked by majestic dignity or […]


Expert Joints: On The Pulse Of Pot

“He aims to showcase that the industry is as diverse as the many different strains of cannabis found around the world.” There are so many different people in pot today, it’s hard to showcase them all. However, this is exactly what one individual named Craig Ex is doing. Every Thursday at 4:20 p.m. PST, Craig […]

Herbs The Word

“The people who enjoy pot and make the cannabis culture so diverse come from all walks of life and bring many things to the table.”  There are all kinds of people on pot these days. Thanks to legalization efforts, the herb is revealing inspirational people to the world. People from all over are united together […]

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Cultivating Awareness

Our environment is as delicate as our economy. The main difference is without the environment there will be no economy. Cannabis in general can help to repair both of these delicate aspects of life. We just have to change our ways.   There are a variety of different ways to grow cannabis. Breeders and growers […]

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