Kaylin Smida

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Little Flower Hemp Product

Review of Little Flower Hemp Products

Here’s a new recipe for great skin; add a Little Flower. This week I tried out three luxury skincare products [...]

Diamonds Democracy CBD Products

It’s time to sit back, relax, take some CBD oil… and relax some more. This week I tried out CBD [...]
Cannabis Infused Drink Mixers form Chil

Cannabis Infused Drink Mixers for When You Just Wanna Chil

Chil mixers are adding new meaning to the term “chilled” drink. This week, I tried out two different cannabis-infused drink [...]
Hemp Greeting Cards from AMERI-CANA

Hemp Greeting Cards From Ameri-Canna

Move over Hallmark. There are new greeting cards in town, and they’re all American-na.This week I tried two Hemp Greeting [...]