Victoria Martinez

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Growing up cannabis

Growing Up Cannabis: Cannabis and Entertainment

In the first podcast episode of Growing Up Cannabis, host Victoria Martinez discusses movies and music we’ve seen and heard [...]

Molly Jones’ CBD-Infused Gummies Help Promote Relaxation

A product that started as a relaxing solution for a hardworking mother has now become a new fruity treat for [...]
owner of CBD skincare

CBD Skincare Brand Creator Says, “I Made my Products for Black and Brown Skin”

    Ebony Clay is the creator of the CBD infused skincare brand, Kayaire — a product that targets audiences [...]

Olivia Alexander, CEO and Creator of Kush Queen, is Setting Out to Normalize Daily Cannabis Use

  Olivia Alexander, the CEO and creator of Kush Queen, has created a line of cannabinoid-infused products that highlight the [...]
Vertosa CEO

Vertosa Partnering with Artet, Molly Jones, Rhythm and WUNDER to Enter the Cannabis Infused Beverage and Edible Sector this Summer

  The cannabis infused beverage and edible industry is growing exponentially. At the forefront are companies like Vertosa, which recently [...]

Restorative Justice Series: Lucas Loy

  Lucas Loy is now entering the age of 30 with the success of getting his case sealed, which was [...]

Buzzboxx: Duke University Grad Develops a Classy and Universal Product to Store Joints

    Julia Loni Turner, the creator of the cannabis accessories storage company—Nekktar— has created a new way for consumers [...]

An Abstract Geopipe That Makes Smoking Feel Great

Though many choose to smoke from bongs, pipes, or raw papers, there are many smoking devices that could easily be [...]

Aster Farms and Coolhaus are Teaming up to Help Keep Pride Cool This June in L.A.

By Victoria Martinez Photos provided by Aster Farms and Coolhaus This article has been updated.   During Los Angeles’ 2020 [...]