CBD Skincare Brand Creator Says, “I Made my Products for Black and Brown Skin”

Ebony Clay Kayaire CBD skincare


Ebony Clay is the creator of the CBD-infused skincare brand, Kayaire — a company that targets audiences with dark complexions who battle hyper-pigmentation, and suffer from psoriasis and/or eczema. 

Clay is a California native. As such, she has grown familiar with the plant and has found herself using CBD to help create a long-lasting, soothing effect on troubled skin.

Ebony Clay

Photo Provided by Ebony Clay

“My family smokes and they were all on board. I was going through it with my stepmother and talking to her about it and she said infusing CBD was a great idea,” says Clay. 

Clay developed her CBD skincare products specifically for people of color. But her line of skincare goods can be used by everyone. She was driven to create Kayaire because she felt there weren’t any products for her complexion, and she wanted to create a skincare product that helped her skin and anyone else with colored or darker complexions. 

“I made my products for Black and Brown skin, but I do have customers that aren’t Black and Brown and loved it!” says Clay. For example, she adds, “I have a customer that used my products for her pregnancy marks that helped her a lot, but my focus was colored skin.” 

As a mother of four boys, Clay has had the discussion of her CBD-based products with her sons and other moms, which resulted in new customers with children that have sensitive skin. 

“Well, this is California and the moms that I do talk to were really interested and already using it. I had one mom use CBD drops for her son because he is allergic to everything and they were really really open to the products,” says Clay.

Photo Provided by Ebony Clay of Kayaire CBD Products

Stepping into the cannabis industry in California was natural for Clay. The only challenge was creating a product that was more luxurious than holistic. 

Launched in February, the Kayaire skincare line has a cleanser, toner, exfoliator, and moisturizer. The luxury line is made with minimal ingredients that hydrate, and are gentle on the skin. All of Kayaire’s products are infused with CBD to help retain the oils in the skin instead of stripping the oils.

In the search of her own natural remedy to help her psoriasis, Clay couldn’t find many minority friendly or owned companies. That gave her the idea to infuse her doctor prescribed skincare products. 

Clay hand labels and packs all products by herself. With COVID-19, Clay finds herself staying up late at night making sure she gets her orders completed while being a full-time working mom. 

Clay has seen an increase in sales from the support of clients purchasing from Black-Owned businesses like Kayaire. She recently had a website created for her store, which has helped increase sales and exposure of the brand. 

With packaging and labeling the products, luxury, simplicity, and awareness came to mind. Clay chose colors that represented psoriasis awareness (orange and purple), which she has struggled with personally and became the motive behind creating Kayaire CBD-infused skincare.  

Clay would like to add more products to her line, and eventually take her brand on a wholesale path with her products being sold in many different beauty store franchises.


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