I Found the Perfect Cannabis Skincare for Winter

By Samantha Wahl

Photos by Christina de Giovanni


A born and bred New Yorker, I’ve sweat my way through heat waves and shivered through record-breaking winter chill. Technically it’s not even winter yet, but the weather outside is frightful–we call it “brick” (West Coasters might call it “hella cold” or “non-existent”). In the Northeast, every season requires a different self-care regimen, as the seasons change so rapidly, and at full-force.

Recently, I’ve come across a skincare company I’m confident will guide me through the harsher winter months with moisturized ease. Herb Essentials, a New York based line of cannabis-infused skincare products, arrived at my desk all cozy in a hopelessly handy, canvas tote. They’re New Yorkers too, so I instantly knew they could take care of me. I looked out the window for signs of hoof prints or any forgotten lint from a plush red suit, but alas, neigh. 

Since receiving my secret elf’s generous gift, I’ve applied the products to my skin religiously every single day, starting with the cannabis infused cleansing oil. This particular oil is made up of multiple different types of oil, including sunflower, grape seed, lavender, and rosehip–it also includes soybean oil, which may not be suitable for those with soy intolerances. The miracle oil, here, is cannabis sativa seed oil. It’s high in antioxidants, and embodies anti-aging properties. It’s just what I need to combat December dryness. At this point, I no longer use any soap products on my face, and exclusively use this in place of any lathery wash. It’s gentle, and makes my skin feel like velvet.

After cleansing, I massage my face with their infused moisturizer. A little goes a long way–this stuff is thicc. So much so, that it acts as a suit of armor against freezing temperatures. Seriously, dry skin stands no chance against it. It smells faintly of a clean apple pie, not at all overwhelming. I find the scent pleasant, and even festively winter-esque. Aloe is the first ingredient, which is something I always look for in beauty products. Cannabis sativa seed oil is toward the top of the ingredient list as well. The other ingredients are almost entirely organic.

I’ve had the same luck with the infused body lotion, which smells just like the face moisturizer, and protects my skin with the same unyielding loyalty. It provides a subtle tingling sensation when I apply it, which simultaneously wakes my skin up, while calming it down.

At the bottom of my new tote, I discovered an added bonus: an infused amber and patchouli perfume oil. The roll-on epitomizes the smell of the holidays. I dab my wrists and neck before going out every day, and I’ve already received complements. I never typically apply fragrances because I hate being able to smell myself throughout the day. But this one is mild enough where I can wear it and forget I’ve put anything on.

A trip to their website will show that Herb Essentials actually cares about skin care. They include a “News” section, which doubles as a skincare blog. One article explains why it’s better to clean your face with oil, than with soap. There are more articles about how you should treat your skin, what to use on it, and why. 

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than pumping the last bit of product from a skincare bottle, so I’m preemptively re-upping on this stuff. All of it. I cannot recommend Herb Essentials enough, and I guarantee your December skin will thank you.

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