Battleground Polling on Legalization

 Democratic pollster Celinda Lake and Trump 2016 pollster Tony Fabrizio recently took a deep dive into the preferences around [cannabis] legalization – both recreational and medical – for voters in 2018 battleground districts. 

Celinda’s recent polling, which was commissioned by MedMen, found:

  • A majority (60%) of likely voters in this year’s Congressional battleground districts support legalizing the use of [cannabis]. Just 36% oppose legalizing the use of [cannabis], and only 28% oppose it “strongly.” When it comes to Independents, 73% support.
  • A solid plurality (44%) of likely voters in battleground districts say they would be more likely to vote for a candidate if he or she supported legalizing the use of recreational [cannabis].
  • Support for medical [cannabis] continues to be a winning, bi-partisan issue, with 79% of likely voters in swing districts supporting doctor-prescribed medical [cannabis], including 87% of Democrats and 67% of Republicans.
  • A majority of likely voters, 55%, say they would be more likely to vote if a pro-legalization voter-initiative was on the ballot in their state, including 43% who say they would be “much” more likely.

Tony’s recent polling, commissioned by Surterra Wellness, found:

  • There is NO political penalty for supporting medical [cannabis], but likely a backlash for opposing it even among GOP voters.
  • A candidate’s position on medical [cannabis] has saliency with voters as 3 in 4 say it is at least somewhat important in deciding how they will vote.
  • In targeted Congressional races, 81% of Republicans and 89% of Independents support legalizing [cannabis] for medicinal purposes when prescribed by a doctor.
  • Opposing Medical [cannabis] would be costly for a member of Congress at the ballot box – 48% say they’d be less likely to vote for them vs. just 14% who say more likely.

This information was provided by Alex Romano of Edelman D.C.
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