Cannabistry Labs and Thar Process Join Forces to Exclusively Launch Pharma Grade Supercritical Extraction Technology to the Cannabis Industry

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CHICAGO, Dec. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Cannabistry Labs®, a leader in scientific research and product development in the cannabis industry, today announced a newly formed partnership with the global innovator in supercritical fluid technology and equipment, Thar Process, to make cutting-edge, pharmaceutical grade carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction technology available to the cannabis industry for the first time.

“For over thirty years, Thar Process has been the pharmaceutical and flavor industries’ leader in developing best-in-class supercritical fluid technology and equipment,” said Scott Mandell, President of Cannabistry Labs. “When you combine their expertise with our team’s five years of rigorous lab work and product development creating new cannabis technologies and production methods, both of our companies saw the opportunity to significantly raise the bar over existing cannabis extraction technology.”

The companies have executed a multi-year exclusive supply agreement, based on the development of proprietary CO2 extraction equipment, to be offered only to Cannabistry Labs’ and its domestic and international partners. The first extraction system created for the partnership, the CL-24, is specifically designed to optimize Cannabistry Labs’ proprietary Hi-Phi™ extraction technology, which is uniquely capable of producing extracts whose compounds are nature-identical to the native plant. Thar Process and Cannabistry Labs worked together to optimize high-efficiency extraction output while retaining all of Hi-Phi technology’s distinct qualitative advantages.

“When you meet the Cannabistry Labs scientific team, see their facilities and become familiar with their work, it’s easy to see how our companies’ collective experience and know-how can be leveraged,” said Todd Palcic, President of Thar Process. “There is a reason that despite Thar’s proven track record in CO2extraction, we waited until now to enter the cannabis space.”

The new partnership’s supercritical technology will be offered and deployed throughout facilities across the nation soon.

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