Capital Cathy: Andrea Brooks of Sava

“Raise [Capital] Earlier and Ask For MORE” —Andrea Brooks, Sava

Welcome to Capital Cathy, the show that talks about funding a future for women, and their experiences in raising capital. With roughly 2% of investments going towards women-founded businesses, Capital Cathy discusses the hurdles we face in financing, and how to secure funding for our companies.

In this episode, Emerald Media hosts Andrea Brooks, the founder of Sava, an eCommerce platform that vets cannabis commodities on the market to ensure consumers receive the highest quality products available. Brooks discusses her journey of not accepting physical limitations as her “new normal,” and how that experience lead her to heal with cannabis. Brooks also spoke about embarking in a new industry, the process of fund raising, closing on capital and even the rejection of investment offers.

Emerald contributor since March 2012


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