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A humid beach breeze, a scent of sunscreen, the blazing sun scorches the sidewalk, Arcata’s Humboldt Patient Resource Center (HPRC) is an oasis for medical patients, providing herbal therapies for members with ailments like migraines, seizures, epilepsy, and cancer.

  Patients with severe and life threatening diseases do not necessarily have the start smoking or experimenting with edibles. Fortunately, there is yet another alternative for pain management. With one spray from Care by Design, people are finding relief.

  Chemists, mathematicians and users alike are raving about Care by Design for its reliability. Available in a spray top bottle filled with C02 cannabis extract in a coconut oil base, CbD’s sprays are calibrated with precise ratios of THC and CBD. For those who want to eschew THC’s psychoactive effects, CbD offers a spray (pictured) with an 18:1 CBD to THC ratio. This spectrum allows beginner patients to start at a low dose of THC, with little to no side effects, and  still provide pain relief. Care by Design comes in two bottle sizes 5 mL and 15 mL.

  As the summer season is in full swing, migraines can become prevalent due to light sensitivities. With heat exhaustion and a pounding migraine, patients can find themselves spending a majority of their time indoors. An Emerald reporter found the 18:1 spray provided instant relief for her debilitating migraines. A friend of the Emerald reported the 1:1 spray was “fantastic.”CBD SPRAY 3 JPEG CROPPED

  HPRC has a Care and Compassion Program dedicated to helping patients with catastrophic illnesses by providing discounted, in some cases free, medicine. HPRC works with two laboratories, SC Labs and Pure Analysis, to protect quality control. HPRC found CbD’s test results matched their own.

  To learn more about CbD’s sprays wander down to HPRC and consult with one of their brilliant budtenders. Feel free to give HPRC a call at (707) 826-7988 or visit Care by Design’s Website at You can also find Care by Design at The Heart of Humboldt Dispensary, located at 601 I Street in Arcata.

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