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CannApple Sauce

Bee Happy, Bee High, Bee Well These aren’t just words of wisdom in cannabis culture, but the motto for CannAppleSauce, a business with a mission to soothe palates and pain. CannAppleSauce’s owner and Santa Cruz resident, Lizzi Westwood, is creating buzz in the industry with her high dosage honey and applesauce products. Her THC-infused recipes comply […]

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Giggle Butter

Roller derby gets rough. That’s part of its charm, right? But when Ilana “Sugar” Laytart tore her MCL, a ligament in the knee, she needed relief. She couldn’t sleep, felt like she wasn’t healing well. Her husband suggested she try medical cannabis. She began using topicals and edibles, and was amazed at the experience. “I […]

Online Banking Concept Background as a Abstract


The biggest state’s rights battle since slavery is going on in America right now, and it’s still all about freedom. Four states have legalized and 23 states plus Guam have adopted medical cannabis laws. None of those places have accessible banking services for these legal operations. Imagine leaving work with your weekly or monthly wages […]



Owning a cannabis shop in a non-cannabis friendly state:The story of cannabis activist Tammy Wood and her journey turning Wood Pipes Smoke Shoppe into Wood Pots Smoke Shoppe.   Those who fight to end the prohibition of cannabis are as diverse as the individuals who consume cannabis for recreational or medicinal purposes. Among the many well-known activists […]

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Calming The Crazy Part II

  Three years ago this stoner turned a corner and became a full-fledged cannabis patient. But it wasn’t an easy transition. My world and body seemingly fell apart in the middle of a failed relationship wrought with infidelity and deceit; with a shoebox full of prescription meds intended to help failing me, as one pill […]

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Weed Out The Pain

Sean Hodge is getting used to the slower pace of Humboldt County, his new home since September. He moved here to start his business, Weedy Oil, which makes organic CBD-rich salves, lip balms, and soaps—products he was inspired to create after experiencing first-hand the healing effects of cannabis. Hodge credits high-CBD (cannabidiol) and CBN (cannabinol) […]

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Pot Talk: Cherry Pie Bud

As you might expect, I seek out people committed to growing superior organic cannabis when acquiring samples for Pot Talk. Humboldt County-based cannabis farmer Jonathan Gilbert is one such person. I got the chance to interview him back in September after he took the grand prize at the 2nd Annual Golden Tarp Award, Humboldt County’s […]

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  In retrospect, I should have felt alarm. I might have suspected that nothing would ever again be quite the same. But it all began innocently enough. July 30, 2015, after a splendid day tending the weed at five thousand foot elevation in the mountains of Humboldt County, California, a light show began in the […]


The Emerald Cup Runneth Over

Twenty-one thousand cannabis lovers poured into the Sonoma County Fairgrounds to get their taste of The Emerald Cup this year. Some say the sheer size has changed the event’s character. But for me, The Emerald Cup will always be a family reunion and coming-out party for a long-hidden tribe of freethinking, earth-loving self-reliant outlaw farmers. […]

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Magic in the Emerald City

Chef Ricky Flikenger, former head pastry chef of the upscale Trophy Cupcakes, left the corporate world to become one of the top cannabis cooking chefs around. He shares his knowledge in weekly classes at his Capitol Hill, Seattle apartment, teaching eager students how to transform the kief they purchase from nearby recreational shops into gourmet […]

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