Trinity Treats

Trinity Treats Great Little Restaurants in Trinity County! By Keith Warwick, PE   In Trinity County you can spend your [...]

Dorris and Daughter Catering Cafe

Dorris and Daughter Catering Cafe xx By Katie Wheeler | Images by Katie Wheeler & Dorris and Daughter Catering Café [...]


Preheat your oven to 350* Bake for 1 hour if it is a full size cake, or 15 minutes for [...]

Humboldt Chocolate

Humboldt Chocolate By Benjamin Fordham Do you like chocolate? You do? Do you like locally made, non-conflict sourced, hand-crafted chocolate? [...]

Slice of Humboldt Pie

Slice of Humboldt Pie By T. Aaron Carter  Image courtesy of Slice of Humboldt Pie They say the apple doesn’t fall far [...]

Cabot Vineyards

Cabot Vineyards -Jessica Lang- We love creating wines in this beautiful, wilderness area of California. Cabot Vineyards has the northernmost [...]

Season of Seeds

Season of Seeds -Dave Feral- With the passing of winter solstice, the days grow longer, signifying to me the season [...]

Gala Events and Weddings: Beauty, Meaning, and Inspiration

Gala Events and Weddings: Beauty, Meaning, and Inspiration Alegria Sita’s path to professional party and event planner began in junior [...]

Bless My Cocktail

    Bless My Cocktail By Daniel Urtnowski | Photos by Katherine O’ Callahan  Having tried so many unique entrées [...]