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Creek Valley Cannabidiol

One Man’s Journey from Self-Sustenance to a Passion for Healing Others   Kyle Gruter-Curham went from science teacher to full-time farmer and is now is living the dream he never expected to be his calling. What is now Creek Valley Cannabidiol started when Kyle landed in the Northeastern Kingdom area of Vermont to study conservational […]


Hemp and CBD – Legal or Not?

Justin Keller and Amber Les, Frontera Law Group The United States is the largest consumer of hemp products in the world, with the annual market value of retail sales estimated at more than $688 million. You see it in oils and extracts and in bottles of lotion at your local Trader Joe’s—the Senate dedicated a […]


The First CBD Store in California

This information was provided by PR Newswire Send your Press Release here. Topikal Everything Hemp: The First CBD Store in California Takes on Venice Beach VENICE BEACH, Calif. — Topikal, the first CBD Store to hit California just opened up a second location on the Venice Beach Boardwalk. This is huge for a lot of reasons. Cannabis has come a […]


Football and Fresh Farms CBD

Testimonials From Life: Pure CBD Preparations Help Professional Athletes and Others With Body or Brain Damage. Cullen Jenkins is a courageous man. He grew up in Detroit as it crumbled into ruin, a shadow of its former industrial, architectural, and Motown glory. For Cullen, football was a way to succeed. He played for several teams […]

Michelle Saye_roots (1)

Root Therapy

Full-Plant Spectrum, Down to the Ground Written by Sharon Letts Michigan resident, 42 year-old Michelle Saye, credits cannabis for saving her life; but she gives the most credit to the roots of the plant for her continued care after a devastating boating accident nearly caused her to lose her leg. “The summer of 2008, I […]

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Riley Cote

Hockey Player, Coach and Cannabis Advocate By Ashley Priest Riley Cote remembers the first time he tried cannabis “like it was yesterday,” he said. He was at a party when someone offered him, “cannabis oil dabs heated with the hot steel knives fresh out the old stovetop heating coils. I over consumed and vividly remember […]

_MM47534 (1)

Hempsational Clothing for the Cannabis Activist in You

Written by Ashley Priest   Cannabis in all of it’s forms stands to offer the world and its inhabitants many exceptional benefits. One of the benefits that hemp offers the world is the option to produce more environmentally friendly and safer clothing options in comparison to traditional fabrics such as cotton, polyester, or rayon to […]

Caption - Ron Alcalay and the Vital Hemp family

Vital Hemp

Fashions to Preserve the Planet Written by Art Cosgrove Ron Alcalay founded Vital Hemp in 2003 with the ambitious goal of saving the world. Well maybe not quite that lofty a goal, but he certainly had his eyes set on a cause beyond fashion. “My dad told me to stop worrying so much about what […]


Haute Hemp

Canada’s i.O.N. Delivers Eco-Friendly Fashions Cannabis is trending: it’s a medicine, it’s a lifestyle, and it’s a fashion statement.   The Canadian-based business, i.O.N., gives naturally derived, hemp-based products a modern edge. The clothing store was established in 1999, and is formally known as Hemp and Company, it’s current house-branded clothing line. i.O.N. — an […]


The Oakland Toke

Puff, Pass, Paint   Visitors to Oakland are always enthralled by supreme sunsets, sports culture, and now the emerging cannabis scene. Those residing in Oakland are equally impressed with the passage of Measure Z, which is the city’s alternative to the War on Drugs. Since Measure Z places adult cannabis use as the lowest police […]

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