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Treatwell Pet Tinctures

Filling in the gaps to help an exotic range of patients  ………………………   Though research exists on how cannabis helps pets facing medical problems like cancer, that limited data pool is only the beginning if you want to help a pet through a heart-wrenching condition. That just wouldn’t do for Northern California company Treatwell, so […]


Canna Companion Brings the Entourage Effect to Animals

Canna Companion is helping to bring the benefits of the entourage effect to pets.             The company, headquartered in Sultan, Washington, provides supplements for canines and felines of various breeds and sizes. Canna Companion supplements come in vegetable based capsules, are GMO free, and all natural. The products are made […]


A New World of Old Medicine

Veterinary medicine is currently at a crossroads with cannabis. Used since ancient Greek and Roman times as medicine for horses and cattle, now classified only as a toxin, a few voices are asking why we know so little about the beneficial effects of cannabis on animals. Our knowledge has expanded exponentially since the passage of […]


Mary Has Something to Offer Fluffy Too

Introducing the CBD Gel Pen for Pets by Mary’s Nutritionals Written by Ashley Priest When it comes to the herb, Mary Jane has long been a friend of many and there are more consumption methods available today than ever before. One of the leading companies of alternative medical cannabis consumption techniques is none other than […]



Hemp-Derived Health  and Wellness for Pets             Thousands of pet owners are turning to the cannabis industry for the health and wellness of their animal companions. For centuries, humans have sought relief from the plant by ingesting it – and now – so can pets. Pets are one of the […]



Living As Pain Free As Possible                   Beauty is an inner state that glows through the skin. At any age, anyone can express the inner contentment as outer beauty. That inner serenity is enhanced by good health and comfort in your skin.   Skin is so important […]

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California Caregivers Alliance

Come Happy…Leave Happier | by Shannon Perkins | Los Angeles         Cannabidiol (CBD), a component in cannabis strains, has been part of my daily dose since this past August when I realized it has a positive, direct impact on my depression. Finding a regular place to get CBD anything was a challenge. […]


Mothers Genetics

A Passion for Seeds Takes Root   Mothers Genetics is an all-female run company that aspires to breed, preserve and sell rare cannabis seeds. The company celebrates the spirit and style of the founder’s mother, Angela Girling, a glamorous and rebellious dancer who made waves in the sixties throughout Europe.   “At a time when […]

fall favorites with cannabis

Emerald Entrees: Harvest Flavors

“These ‘hemp’ plants of the pumpkin world are best for autumn decorating though they are fully edible and can be used for all the recipes you’ll find here.” It’s a funny thing, pumpkins: just like cannabis, they come in varieties good for making useful products and others that are sweet and delicious to consume. And, […]

emerald Hemp

Hemp and Ganja- Kissing Cousins? The Cross-Pollination Debate

“Absent intense research and collection of hard data that will be interesting to conduct as we move forward and funding becomes available, experts agree that a distance of ten (10) miles between hemp and marijuana fields is exceedingly appropriate to avoid cross-pollination.” While hemp and ganja are grown differently, and used for different purposes, they […]

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