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Sean’s small zoo

Sean’s small zoo My son and I bought Robert, a Blue Tongue Skink , off Craigslist when he was about year old. My son came up with his name out of the blue when we got him two years ago. His Australian heritage makes him act like a small puppy. He loves to be held […]


25 Things you never knew about Humboldt County

25 Things you never knew about Humboldt County Humboldt County is a fascinating place to live or visit for so many reasons. Whether you are an artist, a cinephile, architectural buff, naturalist, activist, outdoorsman, or historian you will find something special about Humboldt. Here are just a few of the reasons why Humboldt is such […]


Interview with Lawrence M. Hansen

Mystic Lion Interview with Lawrence M. Hansen, Mystic Lion Weott, California


Crash test-dummy

  Crash This crash-test dummy, lovingly known as Crash, came to our family as a birthday present. Tiny at first, Crash was sold to us under the assumption that he was a Scottie-Ciweenie mix, a combination of Scottie, Chihuahua and Dachshund. Rolling right out of Redding, this German Wirehaired Pointer has served our family well. […]


Bus or Bust

Bus or Bust Humboldt is a great county. It has beauty, uniqueness, history, and some of the best people any county could ask for. Humboldt also has one of the highest poverty and unemployment levels of any county in California. What Humboldt is missing, is a 21st century public transportation system. If we can provide […]

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Pepsi Blue and the Ferndale Police

Pepsi Blue and the Ferndale Police by Nathan Butler In the summer of 2004, I had perhaps one of the strangest encounters with the police of my life. It began, as so many things to do, with an ending. I was just coming back from Centerville beach with a few of my buddies in my […]

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And Then A Doula Was Born…

And Then A Doula Was Born Alison Jundt delivers it all…   We begin and end our lives in the hands of a caregiver, most important of this duo is the former. In ancient days, people called this career driven individual the “wise woman.” In Spain, she was called “comadra”, and in France, “Sage-femme.” But in the […]

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John Calkins

Meet John Calkins. He is a well travelled man with a story to  tell. You might see John around the Arcata Plaza from time to time, sign in hand, standing up for Veterans rights. I first crossed path with John at KHSU’s annual pledge drive a few years back. I remember it was bright and […]


Qualities of Enjoying the Eureka Nightlife

Qualities of Enjoying Eureka Nightlife Written by Bo Sarvinski The Nightlife of Eureka, California, can easily be taken advantage of. While Eureka is not as large or selective in establishments as some bigger cities are as far as Nightlife goes, there are a few ways of making it a lot better and enjoyable. Here are […]


Samuel Adams and The Lost Coast

Bostonian Night Life Has it…Eureka, Not So Much Written by Bo Sarvinski Cranberry Lambic. Ole Fezziwig. Cherry Wheat. Cream Stout. Honey Porter. Blackberry Witbier. White Ale. If thinking these fine flavors above were ice cream or root beer, you could not be more far from the truth. They are all a select elite of beers […]

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