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Flower Power Coffee Co.

Flower Power Coffee Company specializes in infusing coffee with CBD. The company’s beauty is in its simplicity. Coffee, a favorite amongst many, is the lifeblood for a considerable amount of working adults. This is why Flower Power has decided to choose the popular beverage as its medium, and infuse it with CBD for ultimate comfort. […]

mature male customer and seller at vape store

Consumers Guide to Vaping

This information was provided by With legalization spreading across the land, the cannabis industry is beginning to see major innovation. The days of home-built bongs and artisanal joint rollers have been displaced by a new era of dabbers, vapers and all of the new tech that comes with them. This explosion in options has […]

June 27, 2018 - Bronx, NY - Governor Andrew Cuomo signs legislation to increase protections for immigrant children in New York State. Governor signs bill to allow immigrant parents to appoint a standby guardian and signs additional bill to allow parents to identify temporary caretaker for 12 months. (Darren McGee- Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo)

New York State of Mind

Senator Diane Savino has represented the New York State Senate’s 23rd District since 2005. She is a New York City native, hailing from Queens, and is a staunch advocate for medical cannabis access. She sat down with The Emerald Magazine on a rainy Wednesday in Manhattan, at the MedMen Medical Cannabis dispensary on 5th Avenue, […]

Ron Silver

The Sweet Science of Azuca

They say timing is everything and, for Ron Silver, the time to shake up the edibles market is now. Eric Danville In much the same way as tobacco smoking has declined over the last few years, smoking dried cannabis flower has also fallen out of favor. At the same time (and possibly as a consequence) […]

Gin Flight 1

Getting in the Spirit

The New Wave of Gin By Eric Danville Imagine a plant so versatile that it can be used to treat ailments affecting your skin, heart and immune system. Imagine that it’s also a popular intoxicant, used recreationally for hundreds of years by millions of people around the world. Then imagine a massive, class-based smear campaign […]


Immortal Element

What Happens When You Take Scraps and Set Them On Fire Burn it. Hit it. Cut it. No matter how they crush, heat, or twist it, copper is the undying power behind Immortal Element. The art, jewelry, furniture, and home decor-creating and marketing duo, Aaron and Heather Houser, do everything “in-house” as a husband and […]


Pretty Pipes

In Buffalo, New York, Angela Vasquez of Pretty Pipes Shoppe creates pipes that are more fantasy than reality. The Etsy shop run by Angela and her boyfriend focus on high quality glass pipes that give an ethereal and whimsical experience to cannabis smoking. The goal, says Angela, is to bring magic into her customer’s lives. Founded in June […]

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Loft Tea

Loft Tea Modern Wellness Living in Brooklyn, there are some common sentiments you often hear. Usually, it’s the observation that Brooklyn is changing rapidly, in terms of population growth and development. The most exciting part of living in Brooklyn is observing new businesses popping up constantly. That’s why it was a pleasant surprise to learn […]

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