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Pot Talk: Humboldt Organic Collective

  Humboldt Organic Collective is based in Southeastern Humboldt County — in this area of the world, the dramatic Northern California landscape is punctuated by untold cannabis farms, from smaller specialty farms to big commercial grows that focus on high volume output. Humboldt Organic Collective is on the specialty/boutique end of the spectrum. They produce […]


Hibiscus Topicals

Though the company’s logos and namesake are apparent – a Hibiscus flower – it so simply communicates the company’s goal of providing holistic treatments. “All of the products bear the Hibiscus flower logo, which communicates a lot of critical elements all at once, in simple fashion — much like the products and brand itself. Minimal colors black, white, […]


The High Life: Air Emerald

  This month I’m gonna take you around the world, babes! Let’s learn about weird sex on a global level. Full disclosure; some of these facts aren’t sexy. Just hilarious. I’ve carefully selected a few “fun” facts about some ways people get their rocks off in other countries.   Ladies and gentlemen, this is your […]

Australia viewed from space with atmosphere and clouds. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.


  In many U.S. states, cancer patients and college students alike can consume cannabis safely and legally. California was a forerunner in the movement toward decriminalization in America with the famous Proposition 215 of 1996. More and more states are adopting both medicinal and recreational laws that allow the use of cannabis – in total, […]

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The Green Rush

Do ya smell that? No, I’m not talking about the scent wafting from someone’s bong of Death Star (19.9% THC), but rather the cannabis industry becoming mainstream legitimate.   Ted Simpkins, the former CEO of Southern Wine & Spirits is now the CEO of River Distribution. The company models the ABC’s (Alcohol Beverage Control) process […]

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Trying to Get Your Grow Permitted in Humboldt County?

Trying to Get Your Grow Permitted in Humboldt County?  Start Here! Humboldt County Outdoor Cultivation Permitting Process Flow Chart Kendra Miers, PE Click Here to View Map So… you’ve decided to make the move towards legal farming and get permitted to grow medical marijuana in Humboldt County! Congratulations! You now get to join all other […]

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Safe Place for Cannabis in Texas

“My mother has cancer and I’ve heard cannabis can help.”    This is how many conversations start for me every day. Even in the conservative state of Texas, residents are reading about the healing properties of cannabis and they are searching for a solution. Governor Abbott signed into law last year the Texas Compassionate Use […]


Humboldt’s Finest Cannabis Sativa Vodka

   You may have seen it on international news sources like BuzzFeed, Complex or Mashable, but this Humboldt County original has been a local gem since it’s founding in 2012.    Humboldt Distillery is taking the cannabis community, and the Internet, by storm with the introduction of their newest Cannabis Sativa Vodka. The product, officially […]

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The Casual Cup

Trim Scene Solutions hosted Southern Humboldt’s First Annual Casual Concentrate Cup. With the publics vote, entries in the BHO, CO2 and Solventless Extracts categories were voted upon with one rosin taking the lead.   Southern Humboldt was blessed with a vigorous rainstorm on the day of the first Annual Casual Concentrate Cup, a fresh event […]

Yellow blossoms grow on the tops of a field of industrial hemp plants.

The Meaning of Hemp

Q & A With Humboldt Hemp Advocate and Entrepreneur, Anna Owen With all the attention on cannabis these days, some may overlook the low THC seed and fiber crop varieties commonly known as hemp. In fact, there is a lot of confusion around what hemp is, how it can be used, and what role, if […]

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