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Major League Baseball

America’s Stoner Pastime Shhh… This is just between us, OK? America’s family-friendly, national pastime gives Major League players a free pass to light up whenever they wish. Baseball is the unspoken hash Heaven of professional sports, but there’s a dark side too. Turns out, professional baseball enforces a kind of class system, not just with […]


Mountain Biker’s Paradise

  Mountain Biker’s Paradise by Vanessa Laird Are you looking for an epic adventure for you and your mountain bike this summer? Erupting out of the Lost Coast, the Kings Range mountains provide a slice of single-track paradise. The insurmountable beauty of the area combined with masterfully designed trails specifically for mountain biking create a spectacular […]


A Paddle Around Humboldt Bay as Pelicans Led the Way

 A Paddle Around Humboldt Bay as Pelicans Led the Way By John Walsh   One of the few negative things about working with boat rentals is the fact that I often send people out under the most ideal conditions, but have to stay behind on the dock. Terrible, I know, to complain about something like […]


Humboldt Soccer League

HSL: The Beautiful Game in Arcata Written by: Eric Stallings Running full speed down the wing, calling for the cross as the keeper franticly scrambles from one post to the other. Heart racing like a mad stallion, but mind calm as the clearest lake on the clearest night. The ball approaches almost matching stride, as […]

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