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The Notorious Rastafarian

By Mike Marino The bluesman, was a jazzman, a riff man…a notorious Rastafarian who lived on and off the streets. He would fly high at night with a jet stream fix in his arm, a communist sympathizer, actually, and actually attacking the tanks as captain of a red zeppelin…Jazz streets, beat streets, hard streets and […]

Mexican Souveniers

Face Down Ass Up on the Cantina Floor

The Peyote Coyote Face Down Ass Up on the Cantina Floor By Mike Marino (Writer/Journalist) Juarez, Mexico – 1965 Tequila & Marijuana Cocktails Double-dazed and purple-hazed, I had journeyed from the cheap wine and endless row of topless bars that formed a phallic phalanx along the fog drenched streets of San Francisco’s wet dream North […]


Monterey is Planet Steinbeck!

Planet Steinbeck Revisited By Mike Marino (Writer/Journalist) The Golden Goddess of Northern California stands by the side of the road, thumbing a ride to the bucolic Monterey Peninsula. The Peninsula is the orbital center of Planet Steinbeck, the writer who took us on travels from the Mother Road to the Cannery Row, not to mention […]


North Beach Jack Kerouac Tour – The Beat Goes On

By: Mike Marino Many people have truly Left Their Heart in San Francisco!! The Bagdad by the Bay has left its indelible imprint on visitors and residents alike and is many things to many people. Its The Golden Gate Bridge…a stalwart sentry sitting astride the entrance to the Bay..guarding the crown jewels of the kingdom. […]


Bolinas: The Hipster Haven of the Beat Bohemians

Written By Mike Marino, Photo by Mike Harrison San Francisco…the grand dame of the Pacific Coast. She is as elegant and sophisticated as Ingrid Bergman was in her love scenes in Casablanca with Humphrey Bogart. Like Ingrid, San Francisco is a class act, bridging the gap from sophisticated urban life to the laid back eclectic […]


Wine Bottle Lava Lamps Sixties Flashback

Wine Bottle Lava Lamps Sixties Flashback By Mike Marino California is more than just a Pacific left coast state of mind. In fact, it’s also a State of Wine! When I first moved there, nothing prepared me for the Wine Lesson 101 I would learn in the Golden State. Vino-philes in most regions drink their […]


Amsterdammit! Tour

By Mike Marino (Writer/Journalist) Author of The Sandoz Collection Tinkerbell, pixie dust and pirates made Peter Pans day as he flew around in tights in the fictional paradise lost of Neverland. Today, you too can have a fairy tale journey as a Bohemian Lost Boy or a Lost Goth Girl in the underground and undercurrent […]


There and Back!

It sounded simple. Before your ninety days are up, cross the border into Argentina, have a steak, a nice bottle of Malbec, and relax at a hostel for the weekend. Then when you cross back over into Chile, get your passport stamped, pick up your new tourist visa, and you’ll be good for another ninety […]


The Baja Beach and The Hemp Hotel

The Baja Beach and The Hemp Hotel By Mike Marino Grab your sombrero, and full tilt boogie South of the Border to the Hemp Hotel in La Paz, Mexico where you can relax in green leafy comfort on the white sandy Baja beach. Discover Baja, and you’ll discover a resort overflowing with karma of King […]

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