Do This High: Read About DaVinci’s Love of Beauty Products

One of the major reasons the internet is so satisfying for the curious cannabis lover is the sheer amount of information you can pursue. Many people consider research a hobby, but professionals often uncover incredible information that we then get to devour. 

This is why upon hearing about Leonardo DaVinci’s billionth side career—as a beauty chemist—was so exciting. 

The Association for the Italian National Cosmetics industry and the Accademia del Profumo in partnership with Cosmoprof, a massive global beauty trade show, uncovered this compelling stack of information that suggests that DaVinci did not only paint the beautiful visages of Italy and Europe’s bougiest onto canvas, he may have tended to their skin and hair with novel preparations. Since DaVinci was such a fan of taking notes, this discovery was made in one of his many personal journals. 

Snail toner for the literal Mona Lisa, chestnut hair dye for iconic Catherine de Medici, the list is quite formidable, it speaks of the levels to our society’s love of beauty products that we will continue to unearth. De Medici may even be responsible for the exportation of the beauty industry into France during the renaissance, sharing her love of perfumes with the royal court there where it flourished. 

One begs the question, did DaVinci ever use cannabis or hemp for anything? For the time being we don’t have an answer to that, but it’s wonderful to let the mind wander. Considering cannabis was in use during these times but tobacco was not yet imported to Italy, its potentially yet-to-be discovered.


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