Do This High: Thrifting in Los Angeles

LA is a freaking cannabis Disneyland. From the indie shops stocked with bulletproof-vest-wearing clerks and unique, super-stoner products, to the retail types with employees in matching gear and only the straight-laced products that have billboard money, the cannabis landscape is as massive as the metro area itself.

Everything in Los Angeles is spread out,  even when going from bar to bar or just to your friends’ houses, so prepare to Uber everywhere, like the Made in TYO song says.

One of our favorite pastimes is thrift shopping, and nowhere is it more fruitful than in Southern California. You can really find anything—and everyone—in an LA Goodwill. Maybe it’s the thrill of the browse or the delight of the score, but there’s nothing better than being extra-high when slashing through the racks of a sprawling second-hand spot.

Before hitting a warehouse sized jam on La Brea Ave, we hit a Cobra Extracts Jack Herer vape pen, in a delightfully campy-quirky keyflip designed battery. This pen hits hard and smooth, and the piney Jack notes are earthy and grounding as you get your attention ready to be the eagle-eyed seekers you need for thrifty success.

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The up-and-away effects of such a legendary sativa made the hunt flow, because sometimes when you’re looking for a specific item while thrifting, you tend to pay less attention to the random finds—and that is usually where the gold is.

Though we didn’t vape on premises, after leaving the rewarding cloud was as big as our feels after nabbing a real leather dupe of a  Celine Mini Luggage, a cream cashmere oversized sweater and perfect woven leather grandma sandals. All for under $20. 

Photos: Maria Penaloza

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