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A dose of chill is just a few puffs away.

This week I tired out a disposable CBD vape pen from the company, Dose of Chill. Their CBD vapes have no nicotine and are non-psychoactive, containing less than .03 mgs of THC. In fact, the product contains very few ingredients overall. 

Those ingredients include full spectrum hemp oil, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol — a liquid substance that absorbs water — and artificial and natural flavoring. There is no vitamin E acetate in this product, which is known to cause lung diseases, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). All of the company’s e-liquids are lab tested for heavy metals, mold and other toxins — results are made available on their website.

A Dose of Sustainability 

Each CBD vape comes fully charged with about 350 puffs in it. The products are disposable and recyclable. Users can recycle them by sending them directly to Dose of Chill’s recycling address, and they encourage you to do this by offering a deal: 

“For every 10 disposables you send us, you’ll receive 10% off your next online order. Send 20 and we’ll include 1 free device with your next order.”

Without a specific recycling center, vape products cannot be recycled normally because of all their added chemicals, leaving a lot of plastic and glass to sit in landfills and hurt the environment. I love that this company not only has their own recycling place, but that they also actively incentivize customers to use it.   

A Smooth Smoke

Dose of Chill offers five flavors: mango, watermelon, strawberry milk, orange cream, and natural hemp. I tried the watermelon flavor. For me, the flavor was pretty sweet and was therefore hard to get used to. But overtime, I came to enjoy it. The vapor was very smooth; I never once felt the need to cough. Another bonus — there’s no immediate head-rush like with a nicotine vape. 

The effects were minimal, but not un-noticable. After taking a few puffs and just sitting with it, I noticed myself feeling calmer and more “chill.” I had a few friends try it too and they felt similar effects. I’ve tried other CBD products before and felt no difference, so I don’t believe it was a placebo effect. 

Vape Sparingly 

These CBD vapes only have 350 puffs in them, which may seem like a lot. But because there is no nicotine or THC in them, it’s easy to just keep puffing on it, causing it to run out rather quickly. 

I would not recommend using the pen to practice tricks. I was trying to learn how to “French inhale,” and while I’m happy to say I did learn how to do it, all my practice caused the bar to run out in a few days when it probably could have lasted a week or two with normal use. 

Puff Stress Away

This product is great for stressed out college students. As a college student myself, I know how many others are puffing on nicotine vapes to relieve stress, but then end up addicted. With CBD vapes, however, you get to relax without puffing on addictive ingredients while also satisfying any oral fixations or urges to smoke. 

I also think these would be great for people with anxiety. When I started to get stressed or anxious, hitting the vape was a nice “breather” for lack of a better word. It’s a quick way to get some CBD into your system to calm yourself down. It’s not a medication and I am not suggesting that this should be used to cure anxiety. But it definitely helps ease nervous feelings.

Overall, I would definitely recommend these products. At $18.99 per disposable pen, I think they are a little expensive, but worth the price. Just don’t waste all the puffs on practicing tricks and you’ll be fine.

Rating: 4.5/5.0 Emeralds



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