E-Nectar Collector: The D!PPER

At the “Emerald Magazine,” we are blessed to experience a variety of emerging products within the industry. But every so often, one product stands out. The slick packaging drew this writer in for starters. When I tore back the packaging I found the D!PPER to be the MacGyver of E-pens. With easily switched heating elements and mouthpieces, the D!PPER transforms from a traditional vaporizer, into a killer E-Nectar collector. While the product itself looks impressive, it’s also efficient, and works well with a variety of different concentrates.


  At first puff, I exclaimed “Big Dipper!” to all of the many dedicated dabbers out there, my new favorite terp-taster device is the D!PPER! Reaching into a glass dish of anything saucy is wildly flavorful after using the D!PPER. Every slurp of Terp Preservation Society’s BannanaSplit with the D!PPER is reflective of a mouth-watering tropical vacation.      


Initially I thought this was a one trick pony, but no. The quartz atomizer part is impressive too! On the highest of the three temperature settings, the rip is intense, making it perfect for wax or shatter. The double crystal heating elements do the vape justice.                                  


   This writer has owned quite a few different handheld electronic vaporizers, but in regards to the flavor aspect, the D!PPER wins. On top of everything, I can see the innovative design of this vaporizer, with a reclaim chamber and multi-use practicality in mind. And to top it all off, it can be charged in any motor vehicle. I’m set, and you will be too!

Emerald contributor since March 2012


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