Emerald Fields: The Emerald of Manitou Springs, Colorado

Emerald Fields in Manitou Springs, Colorado is one of only two dispensaries that serve the Colorado Springs area on a recreational or retail level. The experience you get when you visit Emerald Fields is one that can only be described as a boutique cannabis experience. You don’t get the feeling that you’re in a doctor’s office or waiting room. A very comfortable atmosphere of neutral wood tones and a gift shop welcome you after your identification has been verified.

Once you enter the dispensary, you will be able to view all the fine flowers they sell before purchasing. They have sample containers made from plexiglass in which you can pick up and examine the flowers as well as by opening a small ventilation hole on the top of the container to smell their aromas. They also have computers with complete listings of all available products for you to choose from. All of this helps make your selection easy, as all their clearly labeled price, quantities, and cannabinoid profiles.

Once you’ve made your decision you can place your order with one of the attendants holding an iPad and mingling amongst customers, answering any questions that may arise. They will verify your ID again and then will enter your order into the system. All you do is tell the bartender at the counter your name or number after showing them your identification one final time and they will have your order prepared.

There’s also an excellent selection of incredible cannabis-infused edibles and topicals. One of my favorite edibles they carry is the cannabis-infused candy bars called the Affogato Bar. This chocolate is heavenly with bits of toffee and flavors of delectable herb that tantalize your taste buds leaving your mouth salivating for more. Emerald Fields also carries a great selection of smoking and vaping accessories such as glass, e-pens, globes, papers, screens, silicone containers, dab tools and more.

Emerald Fields is the premiere canna-boutique in the Front Range region thanks to the people’s vote. Residents can join their Loyalty Club where they save 10 percent on every purchase as well as an additional 5 percent off for the first 30 days they have their membership. You also get a birthday discount of 50 percent.

The company offers tours too. You can look at how it all happens behind the scenes. Stop in the next time you’re in the Manitou Springs area and visit Emerald Fields. Tell them you heard about them in the Emerald Magazine.

CannaBake Box Makes A Great Canna-centric Holiday Gift Box

CannaBake offers three levels of box subscriptions: A Standard, 710, and a Craft Box give you the choice that many others don’t provide.

You’ll never have to worry about receiving incense or smelly items that will stink up the rest of your gear. Providing consumers with a quality service that gives them unique canna-centric accessories each month, CannaBake Box aims to be your monthly score of unique items.

Not everybody wants to stand in line in pipe shops to get the accessories they need. Some would prefer a box discreetly delivered to them each month that would have the necessary items they need. Papers, pipes, and even canna-recipes and fact cards will give you that extra bit of knowledge to discuss during your next sesh with your buds.

When you throw in some cool unexpected items you didn’t even know you wanted, it’s easy to see how the CannaBake Box is a hit! Get your CannaBake Box today and have a great holiday gift on the way no matter if it’s for you or a gift for someone else.

Check out this incredible code for some holiday savings courtesy of CannaLance and the Emerald Magazine.

  • Code “420” will save you $4.20 off a one month subscription box.
  • Code “baked” will save you $25 off a three or six-month subscription.

Written by James Priest

Emerald Fields is open daily from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and can be contacted at (719) 375-0554 for more information. Visit their location in Glendale Cherry Creek at 4182 East Virginia Ave Glendale, Colorado where they’re open every day from 8 a.m. till midnight. The phone number for the Glendale Cherry Creek location is area code (303) 377-1501.


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