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Hikshari’ Trail Hike Lunch at Hana’s

Dana Murguia
Assistance Columnist

It’s that time of year again when we all start to get spring fever and want to get outside and into the elements as much as possible. This presents a challenge for people in wheelchairs or those folks who cannot walk steep trails, unlike those of us who have two fully capable legs. I’m happy to say it’s possible for all to take a walk next to our beautiful Humboldt Bay where the Wiyot people once lived and flourished.

Residents and visitors of Eureka, CA, have the privilege of easy access to the Elk River and Hikshari’ trailhead.  This is a perfectly wheelchair-friendly trail that has actually been paved for easy rolling.  We headed out on Valentine’s Day and discovered the perfect date for nature lovers and kissing partners. This suggested outing is even dog-friendly too!

The Hikshari’ Trail area is still a sacred place for the Wiyot people.   It is easy to understand why. With it’s panoramic viewshed, embraced by the Coastal Mountain ranges, walkers and wheelers who make their way down the 1 1/2 mile trail will be infused by the same reverence that inspires the native peoples. We face modern-day woes in the form of visible homeless campsites and sporadic sleeping-it-off individuals laying next to the trail.  These forlorn landmarks do not detract form the overall experience of visiting families who wheel their elders down the trail. Dog walkers also abound and take advantage of the waterfront access, which eventually becomes a 6 1/2 mile trail.

Parents who want to share the rich history of our county, as well as run off some extra kid energy, can make a day of it by first visiting the trailhead and hiking along the remnants of the old railroad tracks, which are still visible. The rich railroad history that has existed here since 1880 can then be further explored at Fort Humboldt.

The cherry on top of our get-out was lunch at Hana’s restaurant. We were able to continue our enjoyment of the outdoors by sitting on the deck and having sushi for lunch. The deck has a wheelchair ramp and is fully accessible.

The servers at Hana’s have sunny dispositions further extending the excellent date-time euphoria which isn’t hurt at all by an order of hot sake to relax the post-hike muscles.

Post-hike meals are always the best and it doesn’t hurt that Hana’s food never disappoints.   We shared the panko Fish and Chips as an appetizer, with fresh cod and sweet potatoes, and I’m not sure where else in California you could get that taste sensation for nine smacks. If you like sashimi the poke was also delicious, as was everything we ordered.

The Hikshari’ trail hike and lunch at Hana’s is simply the perfect spring fever date, girls’ day outing, or kid walk.

Map of Hikshari’ Trail Access: Rcaa.org   
Hana’s Restaurant: Hana.menu/
– Dana is the founder and owner of CareMatch, the leading caregiver employment company in Humboldt County.
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