Emerald Remains Committed to Uplifting BIPOC Cannabis Businesses

Cannabis Media Group Continues to Fight for Minority Representation

NEW YORK, NEW YORK— The Emerald is determined to catalyze conscious cannabis consumerism, and spotlight Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) in the industry.

This June, the Emerald compiled a list of over 250+ Black-Owned Cannabis Businesses to Support Right Now—and the list keeps growing. The list includes media, CBD, delivery, retail and more plant-touching and ancillary brands.
This July, Emerald is actively building a list of Latinx-owned cannabis businesses that consumers in the industry can support. This is an on-going list, which will be continually updated, so if you or someone you know would like to be included, please reach out at info@TheEmeraldMagazine.com.
“There is a long road ahead of us in the fight for equality and fair representation. That goes not only for the cannabis industry, but for all industries both domestic and foreign,” says Christina de Giovanni, founder and CEO of Emerald. “We will continue to use our platform to research and amplify the voices and businesses of minority community members, as well as those who experience systematic injustice.”
Less than 4% of businesses in the industry are Black-owned; 81% are white-owned. Despite similar usage rates, Black Americans are arrested at 3.73 times the rate of whites for cannabis. This is why Emerald remains committed to amplifying the voices of under-represented communities.
The Emerald is proud to stand in solidarity with those fighting for social justice and equal representation in society and in the cannabis industry. We are also proud to work alongside a diverse staff—26% of which are BIPOC.
As more states move towards legalization, the Emerald promises to monitor all laws and legislation to guarantee fair and equal treatment for all.


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