Conscious Consumption: 100+ Black-Owned Cannabis Businesses to Support Right Now

Conscious Consumption: 100+ Black-Owned Cannabis Businesses to Support Right Now

Written by Rita Thompson


Across the U.S., 40,000 people are imprisoned for non-violent cannabis crimes, reports The Last Prisoner Project. 

Concurrently, dispensaries in Massachusetts, where cannabis is recreationally legal, reported over $420 million in legal sales in 2019 alone. 

Take a moment, and imagine sitting in a jail cell for the same plant that others are making millions of dollars off of. 

The Industry in Black and White

According to Marijuana Business Daily, approximately 81% of cannabis business owners or founders are white. Only 4% are Black owned. 

Why do state programs continue to favor white, wealthy entrepreneurs, while those who have long favored cannabis’ healing powers continue to be arrested at extremely disproportionate rates

The War on Drugs has left deep wounds in the cannabis industry. Legalization, however, continues to deter Black entrepreneurs from even getting their foot in the door. 

It is important now more than ever to become conscious cannabis consumers. This list of 100 Black-owned cannabis businesses is the perfect place to start. 


Black-Owned Cannabis Businesses

This is an on-going list. The Emerald will continue to update it. Please reach out or comment below to be included.


Retailer Store Fronts


  • Purple Heart (Oakland, Calif.) is the first Black-owned medical cannabis dispensary in Oakland, and the first Black-owned medical storefront in the country. The store opened in 2006 by founder Keith Stephensen, and has received high praise ever since. 
  • Blunts and Moore (Oakland, Calif.) is the first equity owned dispensary in the world. The store is located in the same zip code where co-owner Alphonso Tucky Blunt Jr. was arrested for illegally selling cannabis in 2004, reports Forbes. 
  • Simply Pure (Denver) is focused on sharing their experiences and knowledge about cannabis in a safe and comfortable environment, Simply Pure is one of the highest rated dispensaries in Denver. Military veterans, Wanda James and Scott Durrah, founded the store in 2010 and make veteran patients and customers their top priority. 
  • Green Muse (Portland, Ore.) Formerly known as Green Hop, Green Muse is a Black-owend mom and pop, hip-hop inspired dispensary founded by Karanja Crews and Nicole Kennedy. Located in Portland, Oregon, Green Muse prides themselves on offering premium cannabis for all budgets.
  • Posh Green (Bay Area) is the first equity retail cannabis dispensary in San Francisco. Established in 2016, the store is independently owned by San Fran native, Reese Benton. 
  • The Farmacy (Berkeley, Calif.) is a retail store and consumption lounge located in Berkeley. It was created in partnership between ICANN and the Glasshouse Group. The store was founded this year (2020) by Sue Taylor, her son, and her daughter-in-law with the goal of providing consumers with safe and sustainably-grown cannabis.  
  • Botaniq (Detroit) is a provisioning center and dispensary founded by Richard Sarfoh. Botaniq grows their own plants in partnership with select Michigan farmers to offer a large variety of high-quality products. 
  • Euphorium (Oakland) is a dispensary and delivery service offering a family feel and personal touch. It was founded by Tee Tee, a black woman who carries over 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical biotech sales. Tee is on a mission to create the best experience possible for cannabis patients and enthusiasts. 
  • Nevada Wellness Center (Las Vegas) is owned by Frank Hawkin, Andre Rhodes and Luther Mackone. The center offers 24/7 delivery, pick-up, and in store services. The company’s “Each one, Teach one, Reach One” program provides medical services to patients, regardless of their ability to pay, according to the center. 
  • Pure Oasis (Boston) is Boston’s first recreational cannabis dispensary, founded by Kobie Evans. Pure Oasis prides themselves on their knowledgeable staff and wide variety of high-quality products. 
  • Solace Meds (Colorado) With locations in Ft. Collins, Wheat Ridge, Broadway, Colfax, and Oklahoma City, Solace Meds sells flower, edibles, concentrates, seeds, and more. Solace was founded by Rod Bernstine and Ken Correia. 
  • Natural Blessings (Washington) Founded by Corey Stevens, Natural Blessing offers over 100 strains in a variety of THC-infused products. Established in 2016, NB Pot Shop is known for their daily specials and friendly, knowledgeable staff.  
  • Royal Highness (Palm Desert, Calif.) Founded by Keyva King, Royal Highness, “invites all patrons of the royal plant into our decadent Queendom,” according to the company’s site. The store offers a unique variety of cannabis, and accessories from both established and emerging brands, as well as expert consultation on procuts, accessories, and consumption techniques. 
  • Budding Culture (Portland, Ore.) is located in Portland, Oregon and offers both delivery and express pick-up through Leafly and iHeartJane. The shop’s owners, Damien and Charlie Rand, are known for their friendly team, affordable rates, and clean, simple shop layout. 
  • Roll Up (Denver) prides themselves on making sure that each and every customer understands the products that they purchased. Founded by Sherard Rogers, Roll Up offers pain control treatments ranging from lotions to flowers, and has their own extraction lab for wax and hash.  
  • LOUD (Denver) is one of the few dispensaries in Denver offering both recreational and medical cannabis. Founded by Gabe Lindsay and Neelein Shead, the shop offers a huge variety of products and even accepts debit card payments. 
  • Aroma (Colorado) is the sister dispensary to LOUD, also founded by GabeLIndsay and Neelein Shead. Aroma is located in Commerce City, Colorado and highlights a variety of strains from local growers 
  • Mary and Main (Capitol Hights, Md.) is a high-quality medical cannabis dispensary located in Capitol Heights, Maryland. Founded by Hope Wiseman, Mary and Main offers strains like Diesel Dough, Girl Scout Cookies, and Shark Shock. 
  • Soul and Wellness (Chicago) was founded by Tiffany Reynolds, and is based in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood. The shop offers medical card services (including transport to and from appointments) and products, ranging from bath and body goods to edibles, topicals, concentrates and flower. The company also hosts events, like Vape and Paint Nights. 
  • Upstate CBD (Schenectady, N.Y.) was founded by Donald Andrews. Andrews also founded Vaped City, located in Scotia, N.Y. He opened Upstate CBD in 2019 after he noticed a growing demand among his customers for CBD, reports CBS 6 Albany. The clinic carries topicals, edibles, pet treats and more CBD-infused products. 




  • The Congo Club (Bay Area) was founded by cannabis pioneer and equity advocate, Amber Senter, and is considered to be one of the most sought-out Bay Area brands. 
  • SF Roots (Bay Area) is a cannabis company founded in 2015 by Morris Kelly. They’re products include a line of flower, pre-rolls, and oil farmed Mendocino County in Northern California. 
  • Lady Gemini (Oakland, Calif.) is a cannabis brand founded by Dawn Bazurto, a proud participant of Oakland’s Society Equity Program. Located in Oakland California, the company’s pre-rolls are made with flowers from Sanctuary Farms, a farm owned by a woman of color in Grass Valley, California.
  • Conscious Mindz (Oakland) offers delivery, distribution and manufacturing services in Oakland, California. Founded by Marshaun Marsh, CMZ’s goal is to have a positive impact on the local community and the environment while helping marginalized individuals.
  • James Henry SF (Bay Area) is a lifestyle, flower, and delivery service founded by John Henry and James Victor. The brand focuses on responsible alternatives to over-the-counter and prescription drugs. 
  • MAAT Apothecary (Oakland) was founded by Alicah Holocombe, an Oakland native with decades of herbalist experience. MAAT Apothecary offers a variety of products from CBD spiced honey, to pain salves. 
  • Girls Who Canna is a clothing and lifestyle brand known for their amazing Canna Cards, and graphic tees.
  • Leafs by Snoop (Colorado) is a cannabis brand owned and promoted by rapper Snoop Dogg. Produced by the Canopy Growth Corporation, Leafs by Snoop is offered in over 100 dispensaries across Colorado. 
  • Sativah Sistahs (Washington) is an appeal company on a mission to reposition Black women at the forefront of the cannabis industry. Show your love for the plant with the merchandise founded by two couples, Don and Gale Henrichs, and Cathy and Carrie Smith. 
  • The Apothecarry (Los Angeles) is a cannabis humidor and accessory brand founded by Whitney Beatty. The goal? Products that make imbibing easier, safer and more reliable than ever. 
  • Deuces 22 (L.A.) is a premium cannabis brand working with local growers to offer everything from pre-rolls to topicals. Deuces 22 was co-founded by the father-daughter duo, John and Tyla Salley. 
  • Jane Parade (Brooklyn, N.Y.) is a merchandise company with the female consumer in mind. Founded by Janelle Benjamin-Grant, Jane Parade offers stylish hats, t-shirts and more centered around girls who toke. 
  • IJASUN (L.A.) Founded by Jasen Perri, IJASUN refers to themselves as not just a brand, but a community. IJASUN offers everything from oils that are 85% THC, to purified pre-rolls.
  • Dope Arrangements (Las Vegas) is a handmade rolling tray, ashtray, grinder and lighter company created by Mechelle Ellis. Their slogan, “If it ain’t dope sh**, that ain’t it!” says it all. 
  • Gentleman Quinns (Colorado) is an independently-owned and operated cannabis company focused on bringing their “GQ, High Class Big Ass Blunt” to retailers across Colorado. GQ was founded in 2015 by industry veterans Jarell Wall and Austin Pflumm.  
  • Khalifa Kush is a popular strain created for the rapper and cannabis advocate, Wiz Khalifa. The strain is offered in dispensaries in Nevada and Arizona.
  • Ardent Life (Boston) is a cannabis brand offering the Nova, an all-in-one portable cannabis kitchen for decarboxylation (the process of converting cannabis into its active form). The company was founded in 2015 by Shanel Lindsay, J.D. 
  • Dew Drop Delights (L.A.)  is a family owned business founded by twin sisters Olivia and Jennifer Weathers. They currently offer edibles such as Wake and Baked Bars and Kooky Cookies. 
  • Think BIG is a cannabis brand focused on criminal justice reform for communities disproportionately affected by the War on Drugs. Created by the son of the late, great, Biggie Smalls, C.J. Wallace began his journey with Think BIG after seeing how CBD helped his brother, Ryder, in his struggle with autism. 
  • Tyson Ranch (Desert Hot Springs, Calif.) is a licensing and branding company founded by former boxer, Mike Tyson. The goal is to provide consistency and quality while making cannabis a universally understood phenomenon. Tyson Ranch is in the process of opening a resort equipped with flowers, edibles, merchandise, and the world’s longest lazy river. 
  • Elevated Education (Park Forest, IL.) is a woman owned firm dedicated to providing training and educational cannabis content. Founded by Kiana Hughes, Elevated Education offers cannabis licensing application consulting, community outreach, and more. 
  • The Peakz Company (Oakland, Calif.) is a distribution and manufacturing cannabis brand in Oakland, California. Founded by Jessie Grundy, Peakz is one of the most successful social equity cannabis brands in the U.S. 
  • Lobo (Oakland, Calif.) is a premium, hand-crafted cannabis line offering top-shelf, indoor-grown, organic flower at dispensaries across the U.S. The company was co-founded by Euardo Whittington and Aaron Raskin.
  • TrellaGro LST, (Bourne, Mass.) is an automated horizontal plant-training system aimed at creating energy efficient indoor farming. TrellaGro began when founder Aja Atwood struggled with growing tall plants in a low basement and began digging for a solution. 
  • Zelira Therapeutics Ltd (global) is a global therapeutic medicinal cannabis company founded by Osagie Imasogie. Home to some of the world’s leading researchers and clinicians, Zelira studies the benefits of medicinal cannabis for a variety of ailments.
  • Dine and Flash is run by Keena Moffet, a cannabis entrepreneur aiming to teach foodies how to incorporate cannabis into their meals. Moffet has a cookbook called Cannabis Creations: Beyond the Brownie, and recently launched a YouTube series called The Antidote
  • Mezz Brands (Denver) is a lifestyle company, founded by Erin Hackey, that’s leading the next wave of cannabis culture. “We are seeking to normalize the use of cannabis and redefine what it means to experience it,” reads their website.
  • TOKER OG is an innovative cannabis merchandise brand. The flagship product is the toker, founded by Garth French.
  • Dehiya Beauty (San Diego, Calif.) is a plant-based, vegan, botanical skincare brand inspired by ancient beauty rituals, and clean beauty. “We celebrate global beauty, women of color beauty + inclusive beauty,” reads the companies website. The company is founded by Mia Chae Reddy, PhD.
  • HighMindedCali (California) is a cannabis brand focused on raising awareness and inspiring the mis-informed while giving back to the community. “Here at HighMindedCali, we can’t tell you what’s wrong or right. That’s out of our jurisdiction, but what we can do is be informative and instrumental in your advancement of using cannabis as a tool,” reads the company’s website. HighMindedCali was founded by Maurice Chasen.
  • Buddha Boxx is an up-and-coming cannabis brand focused on sharing and uplifting BIPOC voices within the cannabis industry through product reviews, brand awareness and content creation. Founded by Steph Lindsey, Heather Jung, and Tiana David, the company’s goal is to have the entire product line, “for our community that also highlights various cannabis-related partner company products […] to ultimately bring quality products to a wider market,” the founders explained to the Emerald.
  • Skyboxx LLC is a cannabis brand that is, “providing secure storage options for your supplies for the skies,” according to the company. Skybox offers hand painted, on-themed stash jars, and accessories, including rechargeable electric lighters and lipstick and beer pipes.
  • Iron Tree is a premium cannabis pre-roll brand offering joints that are flavored, painted in oil, and dusted with kief. Flavors include Strawberry, Strawana and Watermelon.
  • Curated Flame (Pittsburgh, Pa.) aka Curated Cones is an accessory brand focused on creating and distributing high-quality and unique accessories and apparel for modern stoners.
  • Stash Twist (East Bay Area) is a non-profit cannabis collective offering products ranging from loose leaf herbs and lollipops to infused protein bars, topical creams and rubs. Founded by Andrea Unsworth.
  • Dope Coffee (Atlanta) is a new premium coffee brand with a message, “drink great coffee and elevate Black culture,” reads their website. Founded by Chel and Michael Lloyd.
  • Pounds Lifestyle (Humboldt County, Calif. & Brooknly, N.Y.) is a bi-coastal brand, with stores in Eureka, Calif., and Brooklyn, New York. The brand offers events, and apparel and accessories that compliment consumer’s lifestyles.
  • Ganja Kiss (Boston) is a lip kit company, founded by Zuri, geared towards smokers. Each kit comes with a peach/lemon lip scrub, lip balm, scrub brush, and a bonus gift.
  • The Higher Collection, LLC. (Oakland, Calif.) is a Black-owned and female-run cannabis company integrating delivery, distribution services, cultivation and brand building, all while bridging the gap between the entertainment and cannabinoid industries. Founded by Kern Alexander.
  • I Love Trees (L.A. and Fla.) is a cannabis brand in which product sales benefit a certain mission or partner charity. Check the product description to find out what charity or effort benefits from your purchase. Founded by Devin and Nicole Alexander.
  • GroLens (Santa Monica, Calif.) is a commercial cultivation software company that specializes in compliance. According to GroLens’ website, “We cater to California’s commercial grow operations by not only simplifying compliance reporting but providing growers with unique insights that help produce the high-quality consistent flower consumers love.” Co-founded by Michael Olie and Ron Johnson.
  • Fitted Clothing Co. (Bay Area) is a newly launched line of social justice apparel, founded by entrepreneur Adolph Ward. Ward creates all the designs, which include clothing, household items, and accessories (even masks) for men, women and kids. The company’s UNITY COLLECTION, “celebrates persons of color who come in various shades,” according to the website. 
  • DIOS (Oakland, Calif.) is a cannabis brand that caters to the everyday consumer. Founded by Mahlata Hagos, DIOS partners with cultivators to source flower, packaging, transportation, accounting and more.
  • Amenta Medicinals (Oakland, Calif.) is a California-based cannabis delivery, distribution and manufacturing brand.
  • Reset Wellness, LLC. (Washington, D.C.) is a cannabis brand that offers in-home consulting, cannabis delivery services, and customized infused experiences. Owned by cannapreneur, Tahmika Aldrich.
  • WeTreeHuggers (Chicago) is a cannabis accessories and apparel brand launched in 2017. “We aim to bring tree huggers together with our quality comic strips, hemp papers, cones and apparel,” founder Johnathan Jones, explained to the Emerald.
  • Wealth THC (NYC) is a lifestyle clothing brand that also offers CBD-infused edibles. Founded by Edward Rendell, a portion of Wealth’s profits go to non-profits of the customer’s choice.
  • Pretty High Co. (L.A.) is a shop crafted with the female hemp enthusiast in mind. “We believe that consumption can be glamorous and graceful,” reads the company’s website. Founded by Sabrina Peterson
  • Vibe High Tea (Cincinnati, OH.) is a tea business founded by Jovoni (@thebluntbohemian) offering premium blends of infused-teas. 
  • Bouqé Rolling Papers (Washington, D.C.) is a hemp rolling paper company. Papers are crafted to create a continuous, even burn and reduce the harshness that typically comes with other papers on the market. 
  • Major Pac (Kansas City, Mo.) is a premier cannabis culture club offering exclusive, top of the line smoking amenities and apparel.
  • The CannaDoula LLC (Arizona) As the CannaDoula, Jocelyn Adele Thomas “takes traditional doula support pillars and applies the same concepts to medicinal advocacy, social justice, and the fight for life autonomy,” reads the company’s website.
  • Paper Boy Paper Co. (Washington, D.C.) is a rolling paper and delivery service company offering premium papers, CBD, vapes, and more.
  • All Per Plus (Greater Detroit area) is a plant and pet care company founded by Leon Small, a Jamaican-born plant enthusiast. All Per Plus provides pesticide-free leaf washes, and 100% organic, CBD-infused repentant sprays for pets.
  • Gram Muvva is a smoking accessory brand offering everything from t-shirts to stash trays. Founded by Syracuse, New York native, Aisha, Gram Muvva’s goal is to transform how women see, purchase and socialize through smoking.
  • Nekktar is a cannabis accessories company founded by recent Duke University graduate Julia Loni Turner. Turner is the creator of the Buzzboxx storage device. She told the Emerald, “we wanted to make sure to cover the bases with all types of consumers.” 
  • Canna Luxe is a luxury smokin accessory brand aiming to fit each customer’s aesthetic, whether it’s soft and feminine or bold and sexy. Canna Luxe carries pipes, bubblers, and more. “We believe that you should never have to hide your lifestyle,” reads the company’s website. Founded by Tori Owens, Yandy Smith, and Layota Bond.
  • Connoisseur Supply Company (California) is a medical cannabis company offering organic made THC and CBD-infused medication. Owned by Kris Daniels. 
  • Stoned in a Glass House LLC (New Jersey) is a lifestyle brand aiming to put the “fly” in functional fashion, offering products from glass blunts, to keychain grinders. Founded by Justin Malék. 
  •  Presidential (California) is a cannabis company renowned for their Infused Moonrock pre-rolls. Presidential’s goal is to, “combine organically grown cannabis with technology to create the safest more reliable products on the market,” according to the company’s website.



  • Supernova Women (Oakland, Calif.) is a group of women volunteers that offer events and services centered around Black women in cannabis. The group was formed in 2015 by Andrea Unsworth, Amber Senter, Sunshine Lencho, and Nina Parks. Together, the group fosters a space for hard conversations and key programs for diversity. 
  • American Cannabinoid Clinics (Portland, Ore.) is a medical cannabis doctor service in Oregon. Created by Dr. Jessica Knox, the company’s mission is to deliver patient-centered, integrative cannabinoid care with a personalized approach to health and healing.
  • Success Centers SF (Bay Area) is an organization focused on populations heavily impacted by unjust policies like the War on Drugs and other explicit biases. SC was founded by Liz Jackson-Simpson and aims to empower through education, employment and art.
  • Comfy Tree Enterprises was founded by entrepreneur, business consultant, and corporate diversity expert, Tiffany Bowden. Comfy Tree provides business consultations to cannabis enthusiasts, start-ups, and established companies looking for advice. 
  • Budding Solutions (Baltimore) is an organization focused on changing both the stigma around cannabis, as well as the lack of diversity within the industry. Budding Solutions founder, Shanita Penny, is also the President of the Board of Directors for the Minority Cannabis Business Association.
  • Blunt Blowin’ Mama (Northern California) is a community created for moms and ladies who proudly use cannabis. Founded by Shonitria Anthony, Blunt Blowin mama also hosts a podcast highlighting the intersection of cannabis and Black motherhood. 
  • The Hood Incubator (Oakland, Calif.) formed in 2016 as a response to the changing regulation on cannabis in California. Founded by Lanese Martin, Ebele Ifedigbo, Biseat Horning, The Hood Incubator is on a pursuit to build social and racial equality within the cannabis industry.  
  • Club Kindness (Chino, Calif.) is an education program based on teaching new and existing cannabis consumers how to use the plant in combination with other supportive therapies. The organization is run by Mskindness B. Ramirez since 2015. 
  • Cannabusiness Law (Petaluma, Calif.) Founded by Kyndra Miller, ESQ., Cannabusiness Law is a California Professional Legal Corporation that specializes in civil and criminal law in the cannabis industry in California. 
  • Higher Learning Institutions (Michigan) is a vocation and technical school where cannabis enthusiasts can further their education on the plant. Founded by Sammie Rogers, the school specializes in hands-on training opportunities for low-income individuals. 
  • Humble Bloom (Brooklyn, NY) is an immersive education and advocacy platform co-founded by Solonje Burnett and Danniel Swatosh. Humble Bloom strives to break cannabis stigma by elevating brands with integrity, forming partnerships with thought leaders and experts, and providing consultative support. 
  • Hotline Agency (L.A. and Brooklyn) is a Queer and Black-owned agency that specializes in public relations and creative services for cannabis, spirits, lifestyle, and beverage clients, according to the company’s website. It was founded by Ryan Robles.
  • InnDica (Pasadena, Calif.) is a cannabis-friendly travel platform for travelers to find hotels, venues, lounges, tours, and more. “A place for foolish talking, sharing stories, ideas and dreams with wide open possibilities and wide open minds,” reads the company’s website. It’s founded by Monique Jackson Fitzgerald.


Delivery Services


  • Shady Pines Box Club (Bay Area) is a cannabis subscription box available in California. It is spearheaded by Amber E. Senter. Shady Pines offers a variety of personalized boxes filled with products, delivered up to once a week. 
  • Osanyin (Oakland, Calif.) is a female-founded medical and professional cannabis company offering cultivation and delivery services in Oakland. Spearheaded by Megan Leslie, “our goal is to enhance the quality of life and health in the communities we serve and bring communities together through the healing properties of cannabis,” reads the company’s site. 
  • Green Box (Portland, Ore.) Founded by Adrian Wayman, Green Box delivers premium boxes packed with personalized cannabis products catered to each individual consumer. Green Box also offers on-demand 2 hour delivery of some of Portland’s best stains. 
  • Cannabis on Fire (Oakland, Calif.) is a delivery service offering “anytime/anyplace” deliveries in Oakland. Customers can order through their cell phone, computer, or any internet connected device and expect delivery to their door-step by a professional and dedicated driver. 
  • Sticky Icky (Bay Area) is a recently launched cannabis delivery service in Oakland and the South Bay Area. Sticky Icky is already well known for top-tier, luxurious cannabis products. 
  • BayQueen (Bay Area), The Oakland-based delivery service was founded by Nicole Brown, a pharmaceutical industry veteran with a passion for the healing powers of cannabis. BayQueen carries a wide range of local and consciously-driven products, including: cartridges, flower, tinctures, drinks, edibles, topicals and more. 
  • ReLeaf Health (Portland) is a cannabis brand and delivery service founded by Leona Latrese Thomas. The company’s main goal is to offer customers high-quality products at a low cost. 
  • Green Line Delivery (California) is a medical cannabis delivery service operating in California. Founded by Terrence Taylor, Green Line delivers to San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, Richmond, San Leandro, Hayward, Orinda, Moraga, and Dublin.
  • Good Tree (California) is a cannabis delivery service founded by Rashaan Everett in 2017. The company offers delivery in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, and San Francisco.
  • The Hybrid Room (Oakland, Calif.) is a team of Oakland cannaisseurs, “dedicated to providing customers with the best Cannabis products in the world,” reads their website. Offering delivery to Oakland, Emeryville, Alameda, Piedmont, Berkeley, San Leandro, El Cerrito, Richmond, San Pablo, Pinole, Hercules, Orinda, Moraga, Lafayette, and Walnut Creek. Founded by Kiel Handy.
  • Zip Run (Massachusetts) Soon to launch, Zip Run is the first ever recreational delivery service in the state of Massachusetts. Founded by Gabriel Viera and Elis Omoroghmwan.
  • In Da Cut (L.A.) is a delivery-only cannabis business aiming to “bring knowledge to the therapeutic benefits cannabis offers consumers,” reads the company’s website. Founded by Drayten Howell.
  • Mary & Joe Shop (Oakland, Calif.) is a boutique style cannabis delivery service offering products ranging from flower, to topicals. Founded by Eric Washington.
  • Green Gold Delivery (Oakland, Calif.) is a cannabis delivery service dedicated to bringing consumers top quality products at affordable prices. Founded by Julian Nelson.
  • Lit Delivery Service (Oakland, Calif.) is a premium cannabis delivery service available in Oakland, Richmond, San Francisco, and Sacramento. Founded by Kasi RocsWell.
  • Coughy Shoppe Collective (East Bay) is a medical and recreational California delivery service funded by donations and offering quality cannabis products. 
  • Mystic Herbal Care (Bay Area) is a cannabis delivery, distribution, and manufacturing company committed to supporting equity, social justice, and diversity within the California cannabis community. Founded by Felicia Shaw
  • Tree Vit (Massachusetts) is a soon-to-come cannabis delivery service focused on providing customers and partners with efficient, safe, and loyal delivery.   




  • Gas House (Oakland, Calif.) is a California cultivator and one of the most powerful start-ups in the industry. Its founders, known as Felix and Kingston, are renowned for their hard-to-find strains, powerful vapes, and thick pre-rolls. 
  • Viola Brands (Denver) Viola cultivators offer over 10 years of experience producing premium indoor flower. Centered on minority ownership, Viola was founded by former NBA player, Al Harrington, and grows a wide variety of aromatic, smooth strains. 
  • District Growers (Washington D.C.) is a group of cannabis artisans and fanatics on a mission to provide the best cannabis experience possible. Founded by Corey Barnette, District Grower has developed a low-waste cultivation system to provide maximum aroma, smoothness, taste, and effect.  
  • Panacea Valley Gardens (Oregon) is an Oregan-based, family-owned cultivation facility offering top-shelf concentrates, edibles, and more. Founded by Jesce Horton, PV Gardens prides themselves on their clean, consistent flower.
  • DRO Flower (Denver) is a luxury indoor cannabis cultivator founded by Jamar Brown in the heart of Denver, Colorado. “Cannabis to us is like Champagne to Louis Vuitton,” reads the company’s website.  
  • The Hollingsworth Cannabis Company (Seattle) is a family of cannabis connoisseurs aiming to provide the public with the healing powers of cannabis. Founded by Raft Hollingsworth, their cannabis is grown indoors and heavily centered around quality, and sustainability.  
  • HRVSTR (Toronto) is a family-owned cannabis cultivation facility and lifestyle brand in Canada. Founder Ashley Athill and her team have up to 20+ years of experience in cultivation to provide a clean, consistent, product. 
  • New Life (Oakland, Calif.) is a socially conscious craft cultivator brand aiming to use cannabis as a conduit for change. Founded by Carlton Williams in 2014, New Life distributes, sells, cultivates and farms the plant to perfection. 
  • Blaqstar Farms (L.A.) The Southern California-based farm was founded by master grower, Bryant Mitchell. Blaqstar is one of the state’s “largest minority-owned grow operations,” according to the company. The farm specializes in growing craft batches of high-quality, pesticides-free flower. The company also offers shatter, vape pens, and CBD topicals. 
  • Ball Family Farms (L.A.) is a family-owned cultivation company with one of the largest social equity footprints in L.A. Founded by Chris Ball, BFF prioritizes equal pay, diversity and inclusion.
  • The People’s Indoor Garden (Elma, Wash.) is a producer/processor that has been open for about two years. Their three owners—Benard Dew, Trevor Drum, Jason Tast—are lifelong friends who worked together in medical school.




  • Elevation VIP Cooperative (L.A.) is a medical dispensary specializing in cannabis cuisine that enhances the life of their patients. The dispensary is founded by Chef Andrea Drummer and Hamady Diallo and uses locally sourced organic and seasonal ingredients to create the best edibles possible.
  • The High End Affair (nation) is an infused culinary entertainment experience spearheaded by Chef Nikki Steward and her culinary team. Chef Steward puts on events all over the world, producing cannabis-infused meals for celebrities, corporations, and food enthusiasts. 
  • Satan’s Breath Hot Sauce (Charlotte, N.C.) is a CBD-infused hot sauce brand created by Executive Chef Paul Booker. Booker got the inspiration for his special sauce after turning to cannabis following his experience as a Division 1 collegiate football player. 
  • Andrea Drummer (L.A.) is a California-based chef who hosts exclusive tastings and advocates for infusing cannabis into delicious food. Drummer is the Executive Chef at Lowell Cafe, America’s first cannabis cafe. 
  • LuvnKitchn (Seattle) is an infused culinary business spearheaded by Chef Unika Noiel. Known for her infused soul food, Chef Unika strives to educate her customers through recipes, educational articles, and more. 




  • EstroHaze is an education, entertainment, and enlightenment hub focused on minorities with an interest in the cannabis business and industry. Founded by Safon Floyd, Kali Wilder, Sirita Wright, Estrohaze offers tools, expertise, and guidance to incorporate cannabis into your life. 
  • Weed, Wine and Wheat Thins is a weekly YouTube series hosted Toni Adeyemi. Each episode features a special guest on every episode to discuss a randomly picked, viewer-submitted topic. 
  • Let’s Be Blunt Podcast With Montel is a podcast hosted by Montel Williams in an effort to bridge the gap between common cannabis knowledge, and more in-depth research. Episodes air every Thursday on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. 
  • Cash Color Cannabis (Atlanta) is a podcast and blog created by Mehki King dedicated to creating conversations regarding people of color within the growing cannabis industry. 
  • Zen & Kush (L.A.) is an elevated lifestyle brand that offers a series of immersive healing events focused on infusing the elements of music, fashion, sensuality and art. Zen and Kush is founded by cannabis visionary and author, Lizzy Jeff.
  • SMK BRK (NYC) is a lifestyle brand focused on creating a new normal for weed-smokers through music-based marketing events, editorial experiences, and informative guides to help women actualize a space to feel comfortable being open with their cannabis use. Founded by Laura OG, SMK BRK also has a pop-up apparel company found on Instagram at @SmkHaus.
  • Vanguard Media (Seattle, Wa.) is a Cannabis lifestyle magazine that celebrates women, and focuses on closing the gap between the sexes in the cannabis industry. Founded by Tiffany Watkins aka LadyCanna.
  • Terry Flemings Photography (Denver) specializes in capturing vivid photos of events, concerts, cuisine and cannabis. Founded by photographer, Terry Flemings.
  • Manifest Careers (Philadelphia, Pa.) is a marketplace job search engine matching employers, job seekers, and medical physicians to new opportunities linked to the legalization of cannabis. Founded by Damien Jorden and Jelani Washington-Crum.
  • The Dank Duchess (Oakland, Calif.)  Sheila Hylton DeToror, aka The Dank Duchess, is a hash consultant, actress, musician, writer, educator, and public speaker. 
  • The Cannect is the hostess behind the culinary and media brand. The Cannect creates educational videos that take audiences along the journey of her first grow; dives into the unpacking process of cannabis products, like feminized seeds; and discusses equipment, grow methods, and more.
  • Black Sheep Treats (Chicago, Il.) is a cannabis infusing and catering company offering handmade organic treats, catering services, and individual and wholesale orders. Founded by Jon Modeste, and Antonio Kimble.  
  • PrestoDoctor (California, Missouri, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania) is a medical cannabis platform that allows patients and physicians to communicate, apply for medical cards, and build treatment plans. Co-founded by Rob Tankson and Kyle Powers.




  • Kush and Cute (Southern California) is a handmade hemp/CBD skincare and canna-lifestyle accessory company originating in Southern California.  Founded by Iyana Edouard, Kush and Cute is on a mission to produce products that educate and encourage women of all ages to use cannabis on their skin and in self-care routines. 
  • UNOIA CBD (Atlanta) is a CBD honey and agave company based in Atlanta. Founded by power couple, Brandé Elise and Danielle Grey, UNOIA is on a mission to bring mindfulness, beautiful thinking and inclusivity to the cannabis industry. 
  • Nuleaf #1 (Roswell, Ga.) is a premium CBD store specializing in organic and vegan CBD Products. Founded by Jacquese Jennings, Nuleaf offers free analysis to find the right product for your specific needs, as well as healing journals and educational packages. 
  • Kayaire (national) Kayaire’s line of certified organic CBD skin care products were developed to meet the needs of minority men and women, according to Essence. Kayaire was founded by Ebony Clay, who created the line after discovering the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD benefited her psoriasis. Luxury items, which are all below $20, include cleansers, exfoliators, polishers and moisturizers.  
  • Holmes Organics(St. Louis, Mo.) is a CBD company founded by Corey Holmes. Holmes is focused on helping people cope with stress, chronic pain and more with cannabinoid products that are affordable for all.
  • Undefined Beauty (San Francisco) is a CBD skincare company founded by Dorian Morris that offers non-toxic skincare products. “Time has come to break the rules, change the narrative, and democratize beauty—clean beauty without limits—just as it should be,” reads the company’s site. 
  • Buena Botanicals (Atlanta, Ga. and Tampa, Fla.) is a CBD lifestyle brand started by twin sisters, Coral and Rah Hines. Coral and Rah are on a mission to offer CBD to those dealing with chronic daily pain, prescription drug addiction and more.They offer bath bars, coconut oils, tinctures, and more.
  • WCI Health (Orange Park, Fla.) was founded by Dr. Lola Ohonba, a clinical pharmacist, and Charles Ohonba, an entrepreneur and engineer. The company specializes in selling broad spectrum hemp-based products. WCI Health also focuses on education through consultation services and through the podcast, Let’s Talk About Medical Cannabis with Dr. O.
  • My Green House CBD (Concord, N.C.) is a CBD store seeking to provide customers with relief from pain, anxiety, illness and disease. Founded by Kim DeLaney-Surrat, My Green House offers everything from edibles, to skincare, to pet products. 
  • Lion X Wellness (Miami) is a CBD brand created by former NFL linebacker and the grandson of Bob Marley, Nico Marley. “Lion X believes in honoring, empowering, and unleashing your inner lion,” reads the company’s website. 
  • Brown Girl Jane is a CBD company geared towards Black women and founded by sisters Malaika Jones Kebede and Nia Jones, and their friend Tai Beauchamp. Brown Girl formulates their products with sustainable farming methods and no binders, fillers, excipients, dyes, or unknown substances. 
  • Frigg (L.A.) is an up-and-coming CBD beauty brand that will target the stressors of millennial women inside and out, from anxiety to sleeplessness. Founded by Kimberly Dillon, Frigg will launch this July (2020).
  • NFZD Beauty is a CBD beauty brand created out of a need for diversity and inclusion in the CBD beauty industry. Founded by Briggitta Hardin, NFZD celebrates melanin-rich skin and is committed to providing effective and affordable CBD-infused products.
  • ALFIA (Louisiana) is a scientifically-formulated, lab-tested, and pesticide-free CBD brand founded by Oasagie Imasogie. ALFIA, meaning “inner peace” in the Yoruba language, makes Southern University the first HBCU to launch a hemp product line.
  • Akasha Apothecary (Santa Cruz, Calif.) is a CBD company offering skincare, apothecary, Ayurveda, tea, and womb healing products. Founded by Alissa Maya, Akasha offers loads of eco-conscious handmade goods.
  • Be Jubie is a CBD brand focused on wellness, and normalizing cannabis through education. Founded by Jennier Jackson, Be Jubie specializes in broad-spectrum CBD products, including tinctures.
  • Consuming Better Days (Kentucky) is a full spectrum/small-batch company on a mission to promote positivity. “We believe that natural supplements are a key element of a healthy and happy life,” reads the company’s website.
  • Skara (Sacramento, Calif.) is a CBD infused self-care product brand offering vegan, cruelty-free products for everyone. Skara is founded by Bianca Taylor.
  • Truce Hemp Co. (N.C.) is a CBD brand founded by husband and wife team, Jewell and Cogniko Green. According to the company’s website, “We took our love of plant-based health management and commitment to finding a way to serve communities affected by the War on Drugs, to create the alliance known as Truce Hemp Co. By supporting regenerative and organic hemp farmers in North Carolina, we create hemp-based products that deliver quality and celebrates bold simplicity.”



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