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I was flipping through Vogue magazine this month, and was really taken by the lack of a singular style that defines the 20-teens.   While it’s not quite “anything goes”, we’re getting pretty darn close.   Of course, how far you take this freedom all depends on your own comfort level with being the most interesting person in the room.   But all in all, short of wearing a medieval houpelande, or a gown from Gone With the Wind, you’re going to be pretty much acceptable no matter what you wear.  I probably should also point out that there are reasons that we don’t wear houpleandes or hoop skirts any more:  it’s really hard to do dishes in those giant sleeves, and any hoop skirt worthy of Tara won’t fit in the driver’s seat of your car.

So, discounting those extremes, we really do have a ton of freedom to choose our own style.   I think that’s why I was so struck by this photo:   It’s an Instagram photo posted from Hong Kong.   I was really taken by how almost Humboldt it looks!  Handkerchief hems, funky layers, textures, the hats, the purple hair.   Pretty much everything but the platform shoes would be right at home here in Humboldt.   I was also taken with how… just HAPPY this photo made me feel!   I wanted to instantly break out singing Pharrell Williams.   Sure, the girls are adorable and happy, but it’s more than that.

When you’re me, and you own a fabric store, you spend all day talking with people about their clothes.   The number one excuse I get from every single person about why they’re wearing old jeans and a dumpy sweatshirt is, “Well, I don’t go anywhere, really, so I just throw on any old thing.”    And sure, that’s an easy rut to fall into.   If you’re just running to the co-op for milk, and then you have to sit at a desk crunching numbers, or study for exams, or pick up the kids and run them to baseball practice, you really don’t need to dress up, and you sure do want to be comfortable.

But here’s the thing.   Wearing just “any old thing” doesn’t make    you happy.   And it doesn’t make other people happy.   It’s good for our souls to be surrounded by beauty.  Heck, it’s WHY we live here in Humboldt Paradise – it’s beautiful here!    Just like smile yoga makes you happier just by putting on a smile, your day gets brighter when you put on something snappy.   And it makes everyone else happy too!   You don’t have to get fancy, and you certainly shouldn’t sacrifice comfort when you have anything to do besides hold a glass of wine at a party.   But that doesn’t mean you can’t spread a little joy.

Check out these Hong Kong gals:  Leggings , long skirt, comfy shoes (excluding the platforms) cute tunics, boyfriend sweater or coat, cute and comfy hats.   Check out the colors:  No black to be seen (that’s a rut I’m often guilty of!), but bright sky blue, baby pink, and purple.

You don’t even have to spend bucks to achieve this.  Any of these garments could be found at a thrift store or sewn up in an afternoon.   Give it a try!  Light up your day!  You can do this!

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