Farmer and The Felon Flower Aims to Honor Legacy Cultivators, and Restorative Justice Efforts

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By Melissa Hutsell

Photos courtesy of CannaCraft/Farmer and The Felon.



Two-thirds of Americans favor legalization. Yet, tens of thousands of people sit behind bars for what is now legal in many U.S. States. 

While more than 12% of adults in America use the plant, more than 40,000 non-violent prisoners remain jailed for it, according to the Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit organization striving for restorative justice. 

The Northern California sun-grown cannabis company, CannaCraft, honors its prohibition era roots, and calls attention to historical injustices with a new line of flower, Farmer and The Felon.

A Farmer, a Felon, and an Emerald Triangle Legacy 

CannaCraft’s co-founders, Dennis Hunter and Ned Fussell—both cultivators with decades-long history in the industry—inspired the line.

Hunter is a felon. He was born and raised in the Emerald Triangle, a region known for cannabis cultivation. After his Humboldt County, CA farm was raided, he was sentenced to more than six years in federal prison for growing cannabis, and fleeing a raid, reports the New York Times


Though the brand and it’s moniker help tell Hunter and Fussell’s stories, it also represents the legacy cultivators that came before them.

“[…] It’s a play on words. The paradigm we are living in is, when making the decision to be a farmer and grow cannabis, you’re consciously or subconsciously accepting the fate that the title felon could easily follow,” explains Fussell in an interview with Green Entrepreneur. 

Felon has such a negative connotation to it, by launching this brand, it really could bring us a different narrative to the word felon,” Fussell adds. “There could be a lot of positivity that comes from it.”

To be sure, the company donates proceeds from sales of the new line to The Last Prisoner Project. No exact percentage is provided, but the company states is has donated $30,000 to the effort so far, reports Green Entrepreneur.


Well Cured, Sun-Grown Strains

Farmer and The Felon outdoor grown flower is available in eighths (3.5g), quarters (7g), 1g pre-rolls, or “smalls,” aka bargain bags of smaller nugs. 

I sampled three carefully chosen strains. I could immediately tell why the company included them in the honorary line.

An eighth of Lemongrass, the “classic hippy strain.”



The medium sized nugs are clean and colorful AF. Lime green buds with rusty hairs and a purplish-blue hue.

The strain tastes like it smells, which is described as citrus, and gas-like. However, I also tasted slightly sweet, sour and earthy notes. 

I rolled some Lemongrass into a joint, using the brand’s unbleached rolling papers. It burned evenly, and had little resin build-up. The strain provided a balanced body high. It crept up on me: my eyelids got heavy, and soon, my body was relaxed. 

My partner immediately labeled this, “the classic hippy strain.” It’s allows for a euphoric, chill high that’s relaxing, and slightly social. 





An eighth of Squirt, “the daytime strain.”



Squirt, Blueberry Muffin x Tangi

Super clean, dense, medium-sized nugs with dark green, golden hues.

This strain has a hearty aroma that’s both tart and earthy. It’s got even more complex, citrus-y notes when it’s ground-up, too. And when smoked, I clearly detected grapefruit as an aftertaste.

Overall, the strain provided a potent, clear-headed high with up-lifting effects. As such, I’d recommend it as a day strain. 






Vanilla Frosting, “the buttery sweet, social strain.”

Vanilla Frosting, cross between Humboldt Frost OG x Humboldt Gelato

Dark, dense, medium-to-large sized nugs that sparkle with trichomes and rusty hairs.

This strain has the most intense, complex aroma out of the bunch. It’s got a classic skunk-like smell to it, but its mostly creamy with hints of rose.

It tastes creamier than its smells! It’s got a super sweet, buttery edge. Effects were energetic and social, which makes this strain great to share with company, or puff on while listening to or watching something stimulating







High-Quality and Affordable

Overall, each strain had it’s own distinct appearance, aroma, flavor and effects. Most impressive was how incredibly well cured the flower was. As such, they offered insanely smooth, terpene-rich smokes. 

Packaging: Flower comes in zipped-locked, orange baggies and QR code-inspired logo, which symbolizes prison jumpsuits and bars. Batch results are also slapped on each bag. 

The baggies are easy-to-open. But, they aren’t reusable, and smaller flower can get stuck at the bottom (so I pour mine into glass jars for easy pickings).

Price: The price point of these Farmer and The Felon is entirely affordable. Various estimates put the average retail price of an eighth of herb in California at $24 to $60—depending on quality, potency, and other factors, like local excise taxes. 

But an eighth of Farmer and The Felon sun-grown outdoor flower comes in at $26, below the average for high-grade, OG Northern Cali buds. 

For that reason—and because it gives consumers restorative purchasing power—the line earns a 4.9 out of 5 stars from the Emerald.

Stay tuned as we review more from CannaCraft, including Farmer and The Felon pre-rolls. 



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